the fast food health problems in China, such as McDonald's, KFC Western fast food increasingly popular with people at the same time, the increasingly strong opposition. McDonald said, "provides a delicious and happy childhood for their children". While others argued that McDonald's is in fact provided an obesity and the diseases of childhood. Western fast food diet caused health problems, some people in China have begun to show concern, they called for intervention by the means necessary to the expansion of Western fast food. Issue of "social life" program will work with you to pay attention to the topic of Western fast food.

In a McDonald's restaurant in Beijing west of the city, the reporter saw, children accounted for a large proportion of customers to come to dinner. The reporter interviewed a random 2 small customer:

"I like my father took me to McDonald's, where to eat, (McDonald's food) is very fragrant and sweet, and delicious. Toys (gift)."

"Like it (McDonald's) there are chicken wings, because I generally love to eat chicken wings, butter, cream and chicken wings to attract me."

In addition to these customers, the fast pace of life of young people is also a McDonald's, KFC and the like Yangkuaicandian regulars. Some high school students, college students, couples, often in these fast-food restaurants, dinner, date, very hot the many Yangkuaicandian business.

Statistics show that the end of last year, McDonald's fast food restaurant in China has been developed to 700. Kentucky as early as the end of 2004 exceeded 1200. Pizza Hut, good Lunge pizza shop in China, the number is growing.

On these foreign fast food is booming in China and other countries at the same time, McDonald's hometown - the United States, a young man named Morgan began to oppose McDonald's.

In 2004, Morgan in a month eating only McDonald's food and beverage. 1 month down, Morgan's full fat 12 kilograms, the function of the body disorder. Morgan to this process of change made into a documentary to tell people: some well-known international fast food is actually threatening the health of the public. The film later won is still a well-known International Film Festival Award.

Morgan, like McDonald's opponents in China, as more and more. One of the participating parties in China - Secretary-General of the China Democratic National Construction Association Central Committee of the CPPCC National Committee members of China, Mr. Zhang Jiao, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Nutrition Society, Miss Yang Yuexin two of them.

Mr. Zhang Jiao is the first concern of Western fast food is derived from the true story of a little girl he saw on television in early 2003. The little girl in order to win a reward in the McDonald's restaurant, and even eat a whole month's Hamburg. Mr Zhang said:

This way of fast-food rewards, that is, you want to buy a certain amount of food you can get a strap and you have to get a number of strap in order for a watch this child desperately wanting such a table, then desperately Western fast food to eat, but her final result is a strap, very disappointed. this month (her) in length more than 10 kg of meat. "

While Miss Yang Yuexin engaged in nutrition research for many years that the Western fast food is junk food:

"We say it is rubbish, is because so few like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut (Western fast food) brands (food), it (contained) of nutrients, high calorie, high fat, high protein, three high. a food (varieties) or single. often go Yangkuaicandian, the more the number, then go to the formation of obesity the greater the chance. "

Ms. Yang, for example, a children's daily consumption of calories is about 1300 kcal, the heat provided by an ordinary McDonald's package had already exceeded this amount. If the other two meals and snacks, a large number of consumption can not afford to heat easily in the body fat resulting in obesity. Obesity of adolescent health hazards is self-evident.

According to the report of the Chinese Ministry of Health, China's obesity rate is rising. On the streets of Beijing, you can often see obese children and faltering. Yang Yuexin worry, McDonald's and other Western fast food will affect the tastes of young people for life, is likely to make kids live forever in the shadow of the obesity.

1995, from Yang Yuexin published the first article questioned the Western fast food, to 11 years, Yang Yuexin adhere to the health point of view of the threat of Western fast food. Yang Yuexin adhere to the voice of 11 years, appears to be minimal compared to the Western fast food omnipresent advertising.

Miss Yang Yuexin that, in order to prevent the footsteps of McDonald's expansion, only by the improvement of legislation. She learned that, in Australia and the United Kingdom, have introduced laws to ban high-calorie, high-fat fast food advertising on television during prime time broadcast. In the advertising of Chinese and Western fast food enterprises also not subject to any restrictions.

"Dirty things to eat you will be sick, diarrhea, and by national laws and regulations governing with this nutritional imbalance or nutritional unreasonable this food (the problem), there is no tube, so should legislate in this regard. "

The last two years, Western fast food exposed a series of problems relating to food safety in China: McDonald's French fries may have carcinogenic substances, KFC spicy food add seasonings may be carcinogenic. These events, so that more and more like Yang Yuexin, Zhang Jiao, those who pay more attention to the Western fast food.

CPPCC members said Mr. Zhang Jiao: the face of possible serious impact on the health of the adolescent Western fast food, government departments shall strengthen their supervision:

"Western fast food on our young people the harm must be caused by a high degree of attention, in particular government departments to plan ahead on this issue first of all to strengthen the management, other Western fast food food on the human body may produce bad effects of (elements of ) content, to be detected as soon as possible and draw conclusions, and their constraints. "

This year, Zhang Jiao has already begun by the Chinese government's political participation system, called as soon as possible to improve the food safety legislation, while the sound quality of various food safety inspection agency.

This reporter has learned that, at present, the revision of the Food Sanitation Law are stepping up, this revised draft is expected to be submitted to the Chinese legislature for consideration in December this year.

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