the fast food health risks in China with a high incidence of gastric cancer remains high, and issued 400,000 new patients each year. First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen, director of the Gastric Cancer Center of Sun Yat-sen University, said He Yulong, in recent years, gastrointestinal tumors high, unhealthy lifestyles, such as preferences BBQ, high salt, pickled foods, fondness for alcohol and tobacco will disrupt the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, serious injury to the gastric mucosa, leading to diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, increase the probability of developing gastric cancer.

Eat pickles, fish sauce easy to induce gastric cancer

People's living conditions, but many of the poor eating habits is still hard to change, such as heavy taste, eat preserved foods. In southern China's Fujian Changle City residents, habits marinated seafood, particularly fond of fish sauce, shrimp paste and other spices, this place is a national "well-known" high incidence of gastric cancer. In addition, residents of Zhuanghe City, Liaoning Province, Shandong Province Linqu County, Hebei Province Zanhuang etc. has a eating habits --- Long-term consumption of bacon.

He Yulong reminder, preserved foods, salt and more, will directly damage the gastric mucosa, which contained nitrite in the stomach acid and bacterial action will be transformed into nitrosamines, and more prone to cause gastric cancer.

Stomach and gastric symptoms easily confused

Gastric cancer has always been immune to the early detection, this is because more than 70% of patients with early gastric cancer without discomfort. Even if some symptoms, such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, also stomach. Rarely go want to gastric cancer, usually on their own to buy some of the stomach to eat, and not go to the hospital. As a result, symptoms such as severe before going to the hospital, the majority of patients with advanced gastric cancer.

How to change from their own feelings and symptoms to identify the alarm signals of the stomach? The experts said that the following is worth noting that ---

(1) abdominal pain, loss of regularity of the original ulcer disease attack, significantly different from the usual.

(2) stomach problems after eating or medication to no avail, but heavier.

(3) the past, stomach upset, loss of appetite, weight and strength without much impact, but now the loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.

(4) would unexplained anemia or continued Black.

These gastrointestinal symptoms, to exclude the stomach, it is best to do some gastroscopy. Zhuren said, endoscopy is the most important means of diagnosis of gastric cancer can be observed not only the existence of the disease, can also take the 2-3 mm of the gastric mucosa biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

Afraid to do endoscopy, early detection rate was only 7%

According to statistics, in patients with new hair gastric cancer each year more than 400,000. The high incidence of gastric cancer mortality, 5-year survival is only 37%. In other words, the risk of gastric cancer, more than 6 percent of the patients did not survive beyond five years. Zhuren said, this is mainly because many patients found that gastric cancer, the majority of the late early gastric cancer detection rate was 7%.

Also gastric cancer high incidence in Japan, South Korea, due to the census done in place of gastric cancer, its early detection rate of a maximum of 50% -60%. Japan, for example, they Stomach double contrast barium and endoscopy screening, an annual census of the past decade the number of 3 million to 5 million annually found that gastric cancer 3000-6000, early gastric cancer accounted for more than 50% .

Due to economic reasons (gastroscopy of about 300 yuan more expensive, painless gastroscope) and people are afraid to do gastroscopy psychological, early detection of gastric cancer becomes a problem. In fact, before doing endoscopy, with a little local anesthetic, there is little pain, ten minutes to complete check.

Like all tumors, early detection, natural treatment is not so difficult. Zhuren said early gastric cancer 5-year survival can reach 90% or more. Therefore, it is recommended that high-risk groups to be able to do gastroscopy screening for early gastric cancer.

Tips: Who should pay great attention to gastric cancer?

1,40 over the age of the crowd. In theory, people over the age of 40 tumors with high-risk population;

2, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, a history of crowd;

3, irrational diet, long-term eating pickled foods, favorite fish sauce, shrimp paste, spices and other groups.

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