food and health safety
According to the Office of the State Council on the arrangements for the issuance of the 2012 Food Safety focus and national workers Ministry of the requirements of the food industry enterprise credit system construction work plan "in 2012, 2012, Chongqing food industry enterprises credit system construction work The goal is to carry out construction work of the credit system in the food industrial enterprises above designated size, which, the county economic Information Commission, respectively, 1-2 enterprises to focus on guidance, to build it into the Credit System of the demonstration enterprises; select 10 to 15 enterprises focus on guiding the completion of the Credit System of the demonstration enterprises in Chongqing, and help around 5 enterprises through the evaluation of the national integrity management system and credit system construction certificate.
    Liuren Chen told reporters that the main purpose of this meeting is to promote the majority of food production and processing enterprises to effectively enhance food safety, sense of responsibility, sense of integrity, self-discipline, effective implementation of food safety, the main responsibility, legal responsibility, social responsibility, and effectively create a good environment for food consumption, satisfaction with the community, people are satisfied with the satisfaction of the Government.
    At the meeting, Yu Xueming the establishment and implementation of the General Requirements "and" integrity of the food industry enterprises evaluation criteria for the food industry business integrity management system (CMS) from the education and training, corporate integrity and cultural construction, business and cultural activities, the enterprise system construction, the staff code of conduct , moral character, to fulfill the social responsibility to do a detailed interpretation.
    To speed up food safety credit system, and is conducive to sexual fundamentally to protect the health and life safety of the masses; conducive to further regulate the food market order, establish a new food safety governance mechanisms to achieve the sustainable and healthy development of the food industry; help to promote the coordinated development of economy and overall social progress, it is an important part of the "credit", it is important to build a harmonious society. To this end, we must stand on such a high degree to understand, through a strong organizational leadership, extensive publicity and education system of innovation, solid practice and exploration, the unremitting efforts of food safety credit system continue to deepen.

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