food and the mental health
Food to help sleep
Millet: slightly cold, stomach, spleen, hypnotic "effect. The study found that millet is rich in tryptophan content in all grains come out on top. Tryptophan can promote brain cells secrete a people sleepy neurotransmitter --- serotonin, the brain thinking activity by not sleep depression plagued the magic of a new polycystic kidney disease therapy.
To temporarily suppress, gives rise to a sense of sleepiness. In addition, millet containing abundant starch, food gives rise to a sense of food and clothing, can stimulate insulin secretion, increase the amount to enter the brain tryptophan. Millet porridge before going to sleep and eating, and make people fall asleep.
Longan: its sweet, warm, with a supplement benefit heart, brain, and the effect of nourishing the nerves. Bedtime drink longan tea or take longan and sugar decoction Beverage can be useful to improve sleep.
Fruit: The fruit contains fructose, malic acid and a strong aromatic scent, can trigger the body to produce a series of reactions, to generate serotonin, thus contributing to sleep.
Lotus: lotus meat astringent natured, the lotus bitter cold, have health soothe the nerves of the effect. "Chinese Dictionary", said to cure sleep soundly at night more than a dream. " Studies have shown that the lotus contain liensinine, Rutin and other ingredients, a sedative effect, and can promote pancreatic secretion of insulin, people sleep. Before going to bed can be with the lotus decoction, a little salt taken; or lotus seeds cooked add sugar consumption.
Mulberry: sweet and cold, nourishing yin, liver and kidney tonic. "With the interest rate spectrum of home diet" contains, "Mulberry attentive ears, eyesight, requiem, the town moved soul". Used to the treatment of hyperactivity and dizziness caused by insomnia. Take the mulberry water to cook the juice, into the ceramic pot boiled cream, honey and mix thoroughly storage, each 1 to 2 spoonful of warm boiled water.

Sunflower seeds: containing a variety of amino acids and vitamins regulate the metabolism of brain cells, to improve the brain cells to inhibit the function. Nibbling some sunflower seeds before going to bed, can promote the secretion of digestive juices, digestion of stagnation, calm the nerves, promote sleep.
Walnut: sweet and warm, nourishing and nutritious food is a good treatment of nerve weakness, forgetfulness, insomnia, dreaminess. Take rice, walnut, black sesame seeds, and simmer over low heat into gruel consumption, the available sugar tune eat, sleep before eating.
Dates: warm, sweet, Sechi, meat Run, has completed five internal organs, and benefits the spleen and stomach, the effect of nourishing the nerves, qi caused by insomnia, trance has a significant effect. Take the red dates to the core and the water boiled, add rock sugar, donkey-hide gelatin simmer the mixture gently into a paste, before going to bed eat 1 to 2 spoons.
Honey: Bu Zhong Yi Qi, the five organs, and 100 drugs, the solution the effect of the detoxification effect. Significant effect on patients with insomnia. Every night before going to bed to take 50 grams of honey, 1 cup warm water will open drinking.
Milk: is the ideal tonic before going to sleep drink 1 cup, urging them to sleep, is particularly appropriate for the elderly. Common foods to give you quality sleep
Insomnia Yishi items are:
Longan meat
The appetizers Yipi, fill the heart of a long intellectual, soothe the nerves and blood, suitable for both heart and spleen insomnia consumption. People often drink, longan meat Jianshui jujube, or white fungus, lotus seeds with stew.

Can Spleen Qi, nourishing the nerves, heart and spleen of insomnia should take. "Qian Jin Fang" contains: "rule Consumption bored shall not sleep: jujube twenty seven stems, light blue, two on the taste of food or decoction.

Yin Sheng Jin, Qi and blood, nourish the lungs and the role of take appropriate wang insomnia. The civil use of white fungus and lily, crystal sugar stewed together or decoction.

Ganoderma lucidum
Pharmacological experiments and clinical observations, Ganoderma lucidum Yang Xin qi, kidney qi, nourish the strong role of the Yijing gas and sedative and analgesic effects. "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", said the "protection of God, Yijing gas". Chinese drug plant field guide ", Ganoderma lucidum" rule neurasthenia, insomnia ". Therefore, regardless of the heart and spleen, insomnia, or wang insomnia, safe for human consumption.

Can pure heart and soothe the nerves. Japan Hanako Materia Medica "said it" peace of mind, given gall bladder, the benefits of Chi, the raising of the five internal organs. "Appropriate neurosis and neurasthenia, restless sleep, scared Ti easy to wake up those who eat. General raw lily 60 to 90 g, 1 2 spoons of honey, mixing steamed before going to sleep take.

According to modern pharmacological studies, hops has a sedative effect. Foreign civil hops will be used for insomnia and anxiety disorders, our common folk hops 3 grams, boiling water on behalf of the tea, diuretic soothe the nerves effect, people taking appropriate neurasthenia insomnia.

Day Lily
Chufan hot peace of mind of God. Herbal justice, "contains:" today constant fire governance gas increased, the night less security sleep soundly, its efficiency quite significantly. "Appropriate wang insomnia. Usually 30 to 50 grams of lily flowers, boiled for half an hour to the residue, add sugar and cook for 2 minutes before going to bed one hour Beverage Service.

Able person Yi Shi uneasiness of mind, spleen and kidney, insomnia, sleep is not real sleep soundly at night

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