One, do not eat breakfast, damage to the body
One of the most common mistake is to eat breakfast. Especially the children sometimes do not know the importance of breakfast. Three of the four children do not eat breakfast or eat breakfast inappropriate (eg, drink a bottle of soda). These affect their performance in school: IQ and physical decline.
Breakfast to start the new day make up the nutrition and energy to help prevent obesity. Cancel the breakfast, there to eat dinner in the remaining time the risk of saturated choose high-fat and high sugar diet. Healthy breakfast should contain skim milk, yogurt or cheese (children under 3 years of age should eat no fat dairy products) and food products, that is, should Yan cereal, whole wheat bread, fruit or fruit juice.
Two people who regularly eat Rice Served in Soup
Many people like to Chiyikoufan drink of water (soup), or simply soak the rice directly into the soup, eating soup, gruel. This way of eating is very scientific, is not conducive to good health.
Because often eat eat soup, rice with soup or side to side to drink water (soup), eat meals tend to be gulping down digestion, no chewing mouth to the stomach in the stomach increased burden on many. At the same time, due to the water (soup) can dilute the saliva and digestive juices of the stomach, gastrointestinal digestion of food are affected, with the passage of time, it will cause indigestion, susceptible to stomach. In addition, due to inadequate digestion will reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients in food, thus affecting their health.
Third, pay attention to food is a combination of a variety of colors
Should enable a variety of colors and patterns change.
The diet should be balanced to provide a variety of nutrients, such as antioxidant vitamins, folic acid (especially dark green vegetables contain this ingredient), minerals, fiber and phytochemicals.
Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits daily to minimize the cooking time, which helps prevent cancer, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol.
Fourth, do not know the weight loss diet will make you fat
"If they eat the diet books, I can safely eat." This is a serious mistake. The only way to reduce and maintain weight is good to eat and avoid sedentary. Buy diet food, it is necessary to carefully read the trademark in order to check this food what is the difference in a variety of trademark and to compare this food and ordinary food.
In addition, as far as possible to pay attention to the food intake of such foods, in particular, have some special food control consumption, such as after dinner sweets and cheese. Only some very low calorie foods can be free food, such as vegetable juices and jellies.

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