food for bone health
    Bones "support": calcium. Bones like calcium warehouse, 99% of the body of calcium (calcium foods) are stored in the bones, the bones to maintain a certain strength and hardness. Beijing Wangjing Hospital Bone and Joint MD, director of told Zhang America, "Life Times" reporter, human bones are "live", and insufficient calcium intake, calcium in the bones will be released into the blood, in order to maintain the serum calcium concentration. leading to increasingly low bone mineral density, bone more and more loose, and thus lead to fractures, bone degenerative hyperplasia or children (baby food) rickets.
    Someone has to statistics, in the ordinary meals of the day, an average of only 250-350 mg of calcium intake falls far short of recommended daily 800-1000 mg calcium intake with the Chinese Nutrition Society. Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Department of Nutrition Professor Cai Meiqin pointed out that the young man should eat more calcium-rich food in order for the bones savings sufficient calcium. Under normal circumstances, eat milk, soy, seaweed, shrimp, etc., will be able to meet the needs of normal calcium. Can put a little vinegar in the cooking, help calcium dissolve and to help absorption. Like fat meat, fat foods such as fried foods, and eat salty, pay special attention to calcium, fat and salt, oil (oil products) will inhibit the absorption of calcium.
    Bone "filling station": vitamins (vitamin food). It can promote intestinal calcium absorption, reducing renal calcium excretion, like gas stations, a steady stream of calcium supplementation to the bone. If the lack of dimension D hardness of the bones will reduce the formation of "osteomalacia". Young children (baby food) is often the skull, thoracic hypoplasia, easily bent; pregnant women (pregnant women, food), the elderly, lower extremities, pelvis, etc. bone strength will diminish.
    90% of the human dimension D to rely on the sun's ultraviolet radiation and synthesis of their own skin; the remaining 10% of food intake, such as mushrooms, seafood, animal liver, egg yolk and lean meat. Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Nutrition and director of the Institute of Food Safety, Nutrition Evaluation Room Yang Yuexin fill dimension D is safe, effective and economical method is the sun. U.S. researchers suggested that the weather is fine, within two hours around midday every day, no sunscreen, exposure to the skin for more than 40 percent of the sun for 5-15 minutes is sufficient. Reach, separated by a glass exposure to the sun for the office for many years in the office who make up the effect of dimension D, the best holidays to outdoor sports (sports foods).
    Bone "concrete": protein. Bone, 22% of the ingredients are proteins, mainly collagen (collagen food). With protein, human bones to like concrete, hard but not brittle, ductile, and can withstand the impact of external forces. Amino acids in the protein (amino acid food) and peptides conducive to calcium absorption. If the long-term protein (protein food) intake is inadequate, lagging behind not only the people of the new bone formation, but also easily lead to osteoporosis. Studies have found that do not like meat, soy products, long-term lack of protein, prone to hip fractures.

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