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Law to add the synthetic drugs "sibutramine", Ministry of Health yesterday, emergency stop "Sunshine body sculpting brand slimming capsules" and "Karl Karl America, U.S. brand slimming capsule two slimming health food, the revocation of its health food approval certificate.

According to the results of the supervision and inspection of the Ministry of Health Supervision Bureau, Yunnan Tin Heng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. "Sunshine shaping brand weight loss capsules (production Lot: 20060220/060201A-0120,,), Hainan Health Futang biological

Technology Co., Ltd. ", Carr America, U.S. brand, Carl weight loss capsules" (production batch number: 20060306/060 301) contains the ingredients of sibutramine, and has confirmed the relevant unit test.

According to reports, "Sibutramine" in a relatively short period of time to reduce weight, but often cardiovascular taking will bring serious harm to the health food if you add this ingredient, consumers may take up casual, the lack of professional guidance, the consequences are very serious. Taking into account this risk, China's Food Sanitation Law prohibiting add this synthetic drugs in food. At the same time make it clear that sibutramine is a prescription drug must be used under the guidance of a doctor, must not be arbitrarily added to the health food.

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