food for health international fourth China Wuyi Hot Spring Festival will be held on November 8 -10 day. The section will be the theme of "hot spring city health Wuyi. Divided into "hot springs, then health and watch events, travel landscape four Forum 19 event, will showcase the unique hot spring Wuyi, Qishanxiushui, colorful folk customs and local culture.
Hot Spring Festival period, the first China Wuyi International Health Fair will be held, the theme is "Meet in Wuyi, Expo health. The Health Expo is designed to effectively promote the construction of Wuyi County, health bases of international standards, the formation of features, really started the health Wuyi brand. To show the world, the promotion of Wuyi long health culture and its rich and unique health products. There will be more than 150 well-known Chinese medicine health experts Qiju Wu Yi, a total words of TCM. Following the 2009 success of the International Health Tourism Forum held in Wuyi this year will continue with the Peking University Institute of International Tourism jointly organized the 2010 International Health Tourism Forum ----- the leaf France good Taoist Culture Symposium, domestic and foreign well-known health experts around the leaves France good Taoist culture in Wuyi conduct academic exchanges, released the latest theoretical results.
Domestic and foreign guests in-depth understanding of the the Wuyi unique Health and Culture and a variety of health resources raised during the fair, the organizing committee combined with the Wuyi ten health brand, especially well-designed spa treatment regimen experience the organic tea products Tea experience "characteristics Diet cultural experience" the landscape of cultural experience ", the" Middle Kingdom, the cultural experience, "the the Wuyi folk art of health experience, and Wuyi health experience packages, we invite domestic and foreign guests to experience the of Wuyi health activities.
Wuyi County, also has a better health environment, health and cultural heritage. Currently, the county has a national forest park, eight provincial nature reserve, the forest coverage rate reached 72%, good air quality rate of 100%, 75% of the surface water to reach the standard of Grade II, is a veritable "Zhejiang green Island "," South Land of Peach Blossoms ".
At the same time, the territory of Wuyi beautiful mountains and rivers, a pleasant climate, the the Niutoushan National Forest Park, Red Rock, Shou Paradise Valley and 10 more provincial and municipal area has won the "Zhejiang best leisure resort," Zhejiang preferred summer resort "," Zhejiang Top Ten eco-city "title. Wuyi Middle Kingdom charm rich folk customs honest, with Jiangnan Feng Shui village, "said Guo-dong and Tai Chi astrology village," said Yu source two first batch of Chinese history and culture of the village, providing a unique natural health environment .
Secondly, Wuyi has a wealth of health products. The Wuyi health resources, especially in the hot springs, organic tea, organic Sinopharm famous. Hot Springs Sunrise more than 10,000 tons of water, "East China's first national first-class, moderate temperature, health and pleasant, with a variety of physical therapy purposes. Health spa, eco-industrial demonstration zone. Organic tea area of ​​more than 10 million mu, the country's largest organic tea cultivation base and only the hometown of Chinese organic tea, "Wu Spring Rain" reelection, Zhejiang Province, the top ten tea. Silk Wuyi Mountain bred organic Sinopharm base ", a national Dendrobium officinale herbs and related products quality standards unit, providing people with longevity, recreational care health drugs. There are dozens of the Qing Dynasty tribute to declare lotus, bamboo shoots, chestnut, mushroom, pear, mountain vegetables and other green eco-organic health food.
With the implementation of the strategy of industrial county, and gradually form the hardware and machinery, Culture & Tourism Leisure, the three pillar industries of automobile and motorcycle accessories, including series of cultural travel and leisure industry of leisure and health and exercise and take care of automobile and motorcycle parts industry output accounted for "half of all industrial output. Wuyi is the tourism and leisure products export base in China, Chinese stationery production base and the manufacturing base of China's power tools.

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