food for Heart health
The latest medical information to help understand the cardiovascular knowledge! Help out the health of misunderstanding, to develop good eating habits! The correct diet is one of the best way to prevent cardiovascular disease! The book is simple to explain the pharmacological experts and nutrition experts, the latest dietary recommendations designed to help you "eat" a healthy heart. By British nutritionists and doctors recommend natural healthy diet, easy to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
 A. Individual recipes use of materials, including nuts and nut foods, if nut allergies, we must give up a few recipes.
Two. Undercooked eggs the farm if there is no special instructions can eat. However, the Ministry of Health recommended not to eat raw eggs. Especially for the people of weak constitutions, such as in pregnant and lactating mothers, people with disabilities, the elderly, infants and children should avoid eating uncooked or only slightly cooked foods containing eggs.
3. Meat, including poultry should be cooked thoroughly. Check the poultry cooked yet available of a sign or a fork stab towards the thickest parts of the meat to go on a flow out of the gravy is clear, not pink or red, it indicates that the meat is cooked.
4. All the recipes in this book for nutritional analysis. If not stated otherwise, the analysis for the human component.

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