food for kidney health health Secret: 10 strokes of the old Chinese never rumored kidney without spending a penny
First, retaining their own feet
The feet warm is a method of Yang Shen. This is because the kidney starting at the foot while the foot is very easy to attack by the cold. Therefore, the foot should pay particular attention to warm, long-term walking sleep Do not your feet are on the air conditioning or fans; do not barefoot in damp places.
In addition, the foot there are many points, such as Yongquan. Kidney out of springs, springs by way of the sole. "Every night before going to bed, rubbing the soles of the feet Yongquan, massage the Yongquan may play the effect of the Yang Shen Gujing.
Second, the stool should be clear
Poor stool, stool stop the plot, an aggregate of upside, not only makes people agitated, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and it will hurt the kidneys, resulting in backache and fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, maintain defecate unobstructed, and is also the Yang Shen.
Stool obscure, can be used hands back of the hand stick to the region of both kidneys, hard rubbing can stimulate the kidney to accelerate defecation; walking with both hands, back rubbing the kidney area, can alleviate backache symptoms.
Five, to swallow Tianjin Yang Shen
Saliva in the mouth is divided into two parts: A thin for the saliva from the spleen of the main; and thick saliva, the main by the kidney. You can do an experiment, a mouth saliva'll spit it out, less than a day, you will feel the waist and knees, fatigue.
This, in turn, prove, swallowing the body fluid to nourish kidney essence, play and kidneys, and role.
, Diet and kidneys,
Can kidney food.
In addition to the black black black sesame, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other food Yang Shen, walnuts, scallions, shrimp, mutton kidney can also play the role of the kidney Yang Shen.
10 movement Yang Shen
Life is movement. Correct virtual movement raises the kidney, it is worth advocating positive measures.
Here to introduce you to help correct virtual and easy to learn sport raises the kidney: two hands to rub the palm of the heat, were put to the waist, the palm of your hand to the skin and massage the waist down, to hot flu.
May sooner or later again, about 200 times. This exercise can kidney qi.

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