Liver, a lot of food contribute to the repair of liver cell function, but some foods may be the enemy of the liver, is not conducive to the health of the liver, but also damage the liver function, should not eat.

Sweets is a killer dressed in sweet coat. Chocolate, sugar and sweets, should not eat within a day, eat too much can make the enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract, excessive secretion of barriers to affect appetite; easy to ferment sugar can aggravate flatulence, and easily converted to fat, accelerate liver fat storage, and to promote the occurrence of fatty liver.

The sunflower is the luscious smell of fox. Sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids, eat consume the body of choline. Cause the fat easier to accumulate the liver, affecting the function of liver cells.

Preserved egg is the master of the substitution. Lead preserved egg with a certain amount of lead, lead can replace calcium in the human body, regular consumption of preserved eggs make calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, will lead poisoning.

Fuse excessive MSG liver disease. MSG is a condiment, the amount of liver disease more often over-taking, there may be a brief headache, palpitation and even nausea and other symptoms.

Instant noodles and so is the troublemaker of the liver. Instant noodles, sausages and canned foods often contain adverse to human food coloring preservatives, regular consumption will increase the burden on the liver metabolism and detoxification function.

Preserved foods, high salt dangerous goods. A variety of cured food too salty, normal person should eat the liver of defective people should stay away from eating more will affect sodium and water metabolism, especially for patients with decompensated cirrhosis should be an absolute prohibition photo entry.

Wheat, potatoes are a natural sedative for patients with liver disease. According to U.S. scientists found that patients with advanced liver disease occurred unconsciousness called "natural benzodiazepine-like compounds, with a accumulation in the blood of patients. The researchers say, wheat and potatoes, foods containing a small amount of natural nitrous substances on healthy people can not play, but due to less sedation. Chronic liver disease in patients with normal consumption of such food, due to liver dysfunction, the body can not foods contain natural sedatives timely decomposition clear, resulting in the food of the two nitrogen compounds accumulate in the body. When these substances reach a certain amount, you can cause the patient's lethargy, stupor and coma. Therefore, the researchers pointed out that patients with chronic liver disease in addition to the contraindications to use the synthesis of two N-type drugs (such as Valium), we should not eat too much wheat and potatoes, foods containing such natural sedative substances.

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