Whole wheat bread, muffins and cereals; turkey, tuna and Brazil nuts.
Selenium will be beneficial to skin health food contact with. The experts say the significance of selenium on the health of skin cells. Some studies show that high levels of selenium can reduce the damage on the skin caused by sunlight.

For example, Edinburgh University researchers found that in two cases of clinical trials, in the case of high selenium content, the skin cells are more difficult to damage by oxidation, and this damage can increase the risk of cancer. The findings, published in the British dermatology journal Clinical and experimental dermatology journal. A group of French researchers found that oral administration of a certain dose of selenium, copper, vitamin E and A can prevent the formation of sunburn cells in skin.
Lipsky said, the consumption of whole grains will naturally reduce the consumption of harmful skin healthy "white" food. These foods include flour products (bread, cakes, pasta), sugar, rice. They affect insulin levels, leading to inflammation and eventually lead to skin problems.

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