food for thyroid health
Thyroid tumor can not eat anything? Well-known diseases treatment In addition to the methods of treatment, also should be noted that in the usual diet, the right diet can help cure diseases, experts say, thyroid tumor is a common disease, patients want to restore balance through diet, the thyroid tumor can not eat what? let's take a look at it.

Thyroid tumor is a common disease, frequently-occurring disease, the vast majority of benign lesions, a small number of cancer. Benign soft texture, hard malignant texture. Benign: the neck mass is mostly solitary, slow growing, large compression symptoms, lumps and down with swallowing activity, smooth, soft texture, were round or oval, can cause hyperthyroidism. Clinical Summary down, the main cause of the disease generally have just a few: endocrine disorders caused by excessive estrogen, excessive iodine intake, mental stress.

Need in the treatment of thyroid tumors in, attention to their food taboos, thyroid tumor can not eat what food? (1) Avoid fatty, fried food. 2 avoid tobacco, alcohol. (3) avoid spicy spicy food such as onions, pepper, pepper, cinnamon and so on. Thyroid tumors are advised to eat what food? One should eat more high iodine content of food, such as kelp, seaweed, hair color, scallops, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, lobsters, turtles and so on. 2 should eat with the the Xiaojie scattered swollen role of food, including Ling, rapeseed, mustard, kiwi. 3 should eat foods, such as mushrooms, mushrooms, fungus, barley, dates, yams and fresh fruit such as strengthening the immune system.

To the treatment of thyroid tumor Beijing Dawn hospital established thyroid disease scientific research group, in 2009 successfully created a new therapy for the treatment of thyroid disease, and the therapy is named "TD antibody ablation using high technology to extract the pure biological factor drugs, a direct role in the organization of thyroid lesions, the rapid distribution of lesions of thyroid follicular cells to the drug 100% of the follicular cells of the pathological tissues absorbed by the blood flow control to reduce the swelling of the thyroid tissue solidification enlargement of the thyroid follicular cells, so that loss of activity, autologous atrophy completely resolved until the resumption of normal size thyroid disease medication withdrawal relapse, recurrent medical problems, patients with hyperthyroidism completely get rid of the disease problems.

These are the thyroid tumor can not eat what food fit for human consumption what some introductory remarks, I hope for your help, the experts pointed out that the treatment of thyroid tumor, be sure to choose a scientific method of treatment, diet co-ordination is also very important, the correct diet for thyroid tumor treatment also plays a significant role.

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