Chinese food health Daquan (Collector), combined with his 30 years of clinical practice, but also with reference to some Western nutritional knowledge, food health principle focuses on the heritage of Chinese traditional medicine. Chinese food health Daquan "a collection of common food Sixteen class 700; and dietary reference program for more than 70 common diseases. Points must be: 1. Some food properties similar, so the Chinese food health Daquan (collection), or choose one main, and the remaining attached, such as "sorghum (attached: millet, millet, rice) ; or set out a common by the remaining concentrated briefly, such as "fish" in the "other fish". For the convenience of the reader-demand retrieval of Chinese food health Daquan (collection), the attached classification index "of the food properties and food known as the stroke index." If the reader involved in the disease dietary conditioning are advised to doctor's advice. Complicated and varied due to the disease mechanism and individual situations vary in terms of traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the overall analysis, pay attention to diagnosis and treatment, opposed to the rote. Readers can not be careless.

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