food health and diseases
Food, energy and development of material basis for human survival, the quality of food is important, according to the China of the provisions of Article VI of the Food Sanitation Law: "Food should be non-toxic, harmless, conform to some nutritional requirements , with similar food hygiene should be the color, smell, taste and other sensory properties. "non-toxic, harmless" refers to normal consumption, the food intake of edible state, will not cause human disease, hazard, food is safe. At the same time, the food is nutritious food can promote health.
The word "health" comes from Latin "sanitas", meaning "health". For the food industry, the meaning of health is to create and maintain a health and healthy production environment. Health is an applied science in order to provide wholesome food in a clean environment, healthy food employees processed foods to prevent food-borne diseases caused by microbial contamination of food, at the same time, so that cause food spoilage organisms reproduction reduced to a minimum. Effective health refers to the process of achieving that goal. It includes maintenance, restoration or improvement of the principle of Hygienic Practice for health and environmental aspects.
"Food hygiene" is an application of health science, food processing, preparation, and dealing with.

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