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According to the exposure of the 2012 CCTV "315" party, the McDonald's fast food shop and did not strictly comply with the Food Code of Practice, will exceed the shelf life of snack food processing for sale. McDonald's stores in the financial center of China Network reporter with CCTV, finance, and other media on the evening of 15 the first time came to Beijing Sanlitun village is understood that McDonald's Sanlitun village shop assistant manager, Ms Anissa Wong Sean refused to disclose the food shelf life, and that food processing operator that is, regulators, Chaoyang District, Beijing Health Bureau, Health Supervision and management Prosecutors say that a verified immediately '.

Chinese net financial centers of the reporter in front of the interview, Ms Anissa Wong Sean McDonald Sanlitun village shop assistant manager is able to disclose the product shelf life and open food processing process, said he was not a suitable person to answer these questions.

Ms Anissa Wong Sean said about the content of the food safety education in the McDonald's employee handbook, but refused to disclose the specific content. Said when reporters asked McDonald whether there are regulatory positions and their specific duties of the food processing, there are regulatory positions, the operator that the regulators, the statement caused by the presence of the reporter questioned.

McDonald's public relations staff Tianqing Yao financial center of China Network reporter interviewed said that they only clearly fries shelf life of seven minutes, seven minutes after the bombing of good, unsold fries should be done immediately throw away the handle, but the reporter into the McDonald's store interview date, always no employees to throw away over French fries. When reporters pressed Tian Qingyao employees must be aware of all the shelf life of food, she expressed the need to understand, but refused to let reporters asked the staff food shelf life.

The reporter came to follow the Chaoyang District, Beijing Health Bureau of Health Supervision and management procurators Xu Yadong the McDonald Houchu freezer procurators find that butter placement of irregularities, and that can be judged from the butter dark color has exceeded the shelf life, McDonald's employees only to throw away the butter.

Xu Yadong exclusive response to China's net financial centers of the reporter, said that McDonald's food health events, expressed shock and regret. For the sale of expired food and out of the situation continue to sell food on the ground, Xu Yadong regulation is difficult to reach, can only rely on the integrity of enterprise education and business employees.

Xu Yadong said that McDonald's employees will appear in the evening in the screenshots, and verification of the facts, such as with the facts uses in each of the administrative penalty and stressed that the case will be immediately placed on file.

Chaoyang District, Beijing Health Bureau of Health regulatory supervisor Yan Qing Yan, Yi-Min Wang also shop on the site of joint law enforcement, and do check the transcript. The transcripts show that failed to check the phenomenon including: trash in the operating room is not timely stamped; room temperature library the bread Pizi debris, packing materials mixed together, which has a layer of the bread Pizi plastic bag has been damaged, a packaging boxes placed directly the the bread Pizi on food outside the box direct contact; the bread Pizi of three drawer stored in the narrow lane where.

The reporter also interviewed a random one consumer, McDonald's will be more than the shelf life of the sale of fast food processing events, the consumer said he was disappointed within 1-2 months will not go to McDonald's meals. The explanation given by McDonald's, consumers have expressed concern that McDonald's does not guarantee to stick to it.

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