food health and safety certificate
China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) and the British Association of Environmental Hygiene (CIEH) began in 2006. CCFA-CIEH series of food safety and health training courses have been successfully implemented in China to promote nearly three spring and autumn. So far from home and abroad more than 50 famous enterprises of more than 160 key employees, managers, quality audit staff, the person in charge of food safety through rigorous training and examination and successfully obtained the CCFA-CIEH registered trainer qualifications. CIEH training qualifications lecturer not only food safety professional training for employees in the enterprise but also in dozens of countries over 6000 CIEH professional training center for the teaching of activities. CIEH qualification training of the global Normal family has over 10,000 members. Every day all over the world, thousands of students at the same time accept the CIEH training. CIEH basic food safety and health qualifications held throughout the global student has more than seven million, and is increasing at the speed of 500,000 a year. Chinese food practitioners can try to internationally recognized first class training courses, from front-line staff to improve the overall level of China's food safety.
CIEH's history can be traced back to the mid-19th century, it is a public field of environment and health of the most authoritative professional organizations, for a long time, it is not only long-term partner of the World Health Organization, food safety, Codex Alimentarius Commission and other international organizations, and this professional qualifications in the field of certification and issuance of international authority. The CIEH's mission is to promote public understanding and appreciation of the public environment and health through education, training, dissemination of knowledge to enhance the public environmental and health awareness, and improve human health standards.
CIEH the qualifications widely recognized worldwide. Existing in China to promote the implementation of food safety and health series qualifications have been translated into 19 languages ​​in over 40 countries as the industry reference standard of the food industry. Not only Governments, functional departments, law enforcement agencies, recognized by the department of health inspectors, but also the great esteem of the CIEH qualification training courses not only help enterprises to train high quality professionals, and help enterprises of food safety risk reduced to ensure operational efficiency and improve profitability, and greatly enhance the credibility of the customer, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises of many countries in Europe and America in the stores, business premises display the CIEH's certificate to show to the customer they are the opposite of food safety to pay for efforts.
CIEH food safety course series features tailored for different industries, the curriculum is divided into three major sectors: food and beverage, retail and supplier. Development and design of all the teaching content of all courses by industry experts with practical experience R & D team, targeted, and effectively avoid high-risk areas in the actual operation of the control.

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