food health and safety regulations
A unity of thinking, strengthen leadership. All localities and departments should further raise awareness, unify their thinking and fully understand the urgency and importance of the school food hygiene and safety work, such as a concrete manifestation of the "Three Represents" important thought. Should seriously carry out the television and telephone conference, publicize and implement timely organizational learning, and in accordance with the spirit of the television and telephone conference with local conditions, the development of the assurance measures of the local school food. Leaders at all levels to be personally involved in school food safety management, to carefully study and make specific arrangements.

Two strictly according to law, and assign responsibilities. Around to be in accordance with the provisions of the Food Sanitation Law, the School Health Ordinance, catering and food hygiene management approach "and other relevant laws, regulations and rules, the specific local situation, learn the lessons of the incidence of food poisoning or foodborne diseases take targeted management measures to strengthen security, one by one and assign responsibilities and establish accountability system, efforts to improve school food safety management standards.

Third, to strengthen technical guidance and training. Localities should take to carry out food hygiene promotional activities in various forms, in particular, strengthen the training of school canteens practitioners and management of food hygiene knowledge to further improve the basic qualities and skills of the food hygiene of employees and management personnel. At the same time, but also education and training of students to have good health habits to teach students to master some specific knowledge of food hygiene and safety.

Four, closely cooperate with concerted efforts. All departments should closely cooperate to strengthen the communication and exchange of information of the school food safety management, and earnestly fulfill their respective responsibilities to jointly strengthen the management of the school food hygiene and safety. Around in the near future should be the local health department is responsible for coordinating, in conjunction with the departments of public security, education, composition of the Joint Inspection Unit, to carry out the inspection of food hygiene and safety of a school, school food production units do not meet the requirements necessary to further a deadline for rectification, the rectification still failed to be resolutely banned. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security, around the end of the inspection work, inspection of the parts of the checks and the results were informed.
4/30/2013 11:31:19 pm

these are important regulations to have in place to! Its not commonly known, but deaths do occur each year because of bad practice when it comes to food health and safety.


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