comprehensive supervision and food responsible for food safety, health articles, the organization established a coordination mechanism for food safety, the development of the consolidated supervision of food safety policy planning, annual plans and group
Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China Sanitary Surveillance Agency Address
Implementation of the organization; is responsible for comprehensive coordination, check the assessment of food safety testing, monitoring and supervision of the various departments responsible for comprehensive evaluation of local government food safety; organizations to develop a food safety regulatory laws and regulations, departmental rules and regulations and draft national food safety standards and the sanitary conditions of food production enterprises and hygienic practices; to develop a food safety inspection agency accreditation conditions and test specifications; organize a national food safety monitoring, total diet surveys and monitoring of foodborne disease, responsible for food safety risk assessment and early warning; responsible for new resources of food, food additives, food packaging materials, imports of non-national standard food and food related products, risk assessment and management to develop Substances in accordance with the tradition of both food and herbal medicines; responsible for major food safety incidents investigated, organize food Security special inspection activities, to guide local food security of major events; the development of information reporting system of food safety incidents, the organization to collect and analyze information of food safety incidents, responsible for the unification of the major food safety information release. Responsible for the supervision and management of occupational health, environmental health, radiation health, school health, disinfection products, and related to drinking water hygiene and safety products, and the drafting of relevant laws, regulations, standards, policies and norms and organize the implementation; the diagnosis and identification of the norms of occupational diseases; responsible for occupational health service institutions and the evaluation of occupational hazards of the construction project supervision and management; responsible for the implementation of supervision and management of occupational health surveillance system of the employer; responsible for radioactive occupational hazard evaluation of the supervision and management; responsible for the supervision of the radiology licensing and radiological protection in medical institutions management occupational health management; responsible for radiation workers; responsible for regulating public places, drinking water, sanitation permits, public places, supervision and management of water supply units, organized in public places and health, the dynamic monitoring of drinking water, sanitation, environmental health effects, risk assessment and warning; responsible for disinfection products involved in the drinking water hygiene and safety of health products licensing and supervision and management; according to the law to carry out the implementation of the infectious diseases on the health care agencies, blood banks, and disease prevention and control institutions and bacteria (viruses) management system as well as medical waste disposal of the supervision and inspection; responsible for the work to combat the illegal practice of medicine and illegal blood collection and supply, the investigation of major cases of illegal, rectify and standardize the medical services market; is responsible for formulating the relevant policies of the reform of the health surveillance system and health monitoring system, planning and specification and organize the implementation ; under the jurisdiction of the unified management of health administrative law enforcement team and the guidance norms Health Administration enforcement work; responsible for the health supervision and inspection work; organizations in the health supervision and training of personnel. Strict rules.

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