food health certificate
Food hygiene license
[Phonetic] shípǐnwèishēngxǚkězhèng
Definition referred to as health permits, units and individualsengaged in food production and business activities, health permits issued by the health administrative departments for examination and approval, certificate.
Popular, related to food production units or individuals must apply for a food hygiene license.
Food hygiene license issued by the Ministry of Health inDecember 2005 Management Measures "," Any units and individuals engaged in food production and business activitiesshould be reported to health administration departments, and inaccordance with the provisions of the health permit application procedures; by the health administrative department examination and approval before engaging in food production and business activities, and assume the responsibility of food production and management of food hygiene. "
"The local people's government administrative department of health to comply with this approach, issues hygiene licenses tofood producers and traders."
Food additives, health foods and new resources of food production companies production activities health permits, health permits issued by the provincial health administration departments. "
Note: food hygiene license management approach "has expired,the PRC Food Safety Law" food hygiene permits food production licenses, food distribution license, food service license instead. 

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