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Recently, Hangzhou Health Inspection requirements of the relevant documents, Hangzhou Health Bureau, Health Authority of the city's large, primary and secondary schools and nurseries in the cafeteria food hygiene supervision and inspection of the purpose of this inspection is to promote school The canteen strengthen their own health management, and continuously improve the level of health management and transparency of its work. Food safety to ensure that teachers and students.
The food hygiene supervision and inspection to be publicized health conditions in their premises, prominently, respectively, with the "smiley face", the "face", and "sad" three types of facial makeup in operas that good, average, poor, three types of health conditions, so that teachers and students of health status at a glance. Publicity including health permits (food service license), health management systems, health management, practitioners, health training to prove the quality of food hygiene and shelf life, food processing, health protection, processing, workplace environment and health, tableware cleaning disinfection, the main raw material procurement and cable card. Publicity to the above indicators all qualified units "smiley face", 1-2 failed publicity for the "flat face", and "sad" more than three failed unit publicity. Publicity card, also marked with the health supervisor's name and telephone hotlines of the health sector, health supervisor, catering units and consumers can be of mutual supervision.
The health monitoring information known to the public school cafeteria 221, including two university canteen, 31 Middle School cafeteria, 60 elementary school cafeteria, 125 nurseries in the canteen, information, publicity coverage of 100%. Through site inspection and evaluation of results named its health condition "smiley face" 14 (including the University 1, 12 secondary schools, primary schools, 1), general health status of the "flat face" 207 (1 universities, secondary schools 19 homes, 62 primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries, 125), no less "sad" units.
Health status and level of all catering units with a cartoon mask publicized to the community to allow consumers to fully enjoy the food and beverage consumer's right to know and to choose various catering units, incentives and encouragement, and promote them consciously to strengthen its management, improve health level, to better ensure the safety of consumer food and beverage, health supervision of the Municipal Health Bureau will regularly catering and health units in the area to check, and timely test results transparent publicity.

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