food health safety
2012 International Food Safety Forum on April 19, Health Minister Chen Zhu pointed out that since the implementation of the Food Security Act, the Ministry of Health take the responsibility of the national standards for food safety and risk monitoring and evaluation and other tasks. Up to now, announced integration of clean-up, China has developed the national standards of safety of dairy, food additive safety 185, and gradually establish a national coverage of food safety risk monitoring system.
    Chen Zhu said the health sector has also strengthened the standard propaganda interpretation and to clear up doubts, presented to the public knowledge of food safety standards and revision of a number of ways. "12th Five-Year" period, the Ministry of Health will further improve the standard operating procedures to improve the public transparency of standard-setting work, and a sound system of mechanisms for public participation in standards work. Will also continue to expand the coverage of food safety risk monitoring, establish and improve the coverage of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), city and county and extended to rural areas of risk monitoring system, focusing on standards development are closely related to risk assessment, strengthening risk communication and early warning.
    According to the comprehensive coordination of the Ministry of Health, Food Safety and Health Supervision Bureau in charge of the person, the Ministry of Health in 2012-2013, a comprehensive clean-dispersed in 15 departments, more than 5000 standard, which related to food safety, mandatory elements extracted integrated into national food safety standards.
    The forum organized by the International Union of Food Science and Technology and Food Science and Technology Institute, National Food Safety Commission Office of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments attended.

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