Some people have done such a test: a group of rat dietary restrictions, only to eat eight full, a group of free feeding in rats, casual eating, eat eight full rat life long. Americans do observe worms, mice, rats and monkeys, to reduce their intake of food by 30% of the calories, then their life is better than 30 percent of the similar length of the ordinary diet. Observation of human longevity obesity. In Bama Yao Autonomous County is located in Nanning mountainous northern suburbs, economically underdeveloped, but Changshou, over a hundred persons to see. One of their good health is to eat eat eat eight, and often vegetarian. Of course, also a lot of acquired factors in longevity, there are a lot of good health, and longevity of those who eat, but eat, eat eight full habit is worth emulating. "Less popular, eat injured and hungry overeating, or thirsty and do not binge" in the Chinese folk proverbs. "Pro-life pension book," saying: "respect for the person, not the Dayton full." Neijing stressed: "diet section ...... so can form both with God and to make its natural span of a hundred are to go. "These are the longevity experience. If the excessive caloric intake, obesity, caused by the human body will have a "rich man's disease", the natural short-lived. Why a certain extent, restricted calorie intake will extend life, remains to be more in-depth physiological studies. It was envisaged that the metabolic rate will slow down when the body's own feel heat is limited to the reserves of energy. Metabolism slows, the body of toxic products and waste generated, the number of self-absorption and detoxification of the burden will be reduced, thereby reducing the strong metabolism and the excitement of the physiological processes. Body operating in a relatively low level of metabolic processes, the relative reduction in catabolism, resulting in longer life expectancy. Naturally, these hypothesis subject to further verify the conclusion of the animal tests are not necessarily in full compliance with human, but to eat eight full longevity revelation still deserves attention and discussion. How to do eight full? Must first have the perseverance in the face of the delicacies without wavering, in the case of slight hunger, decided to leave the table. Is a real hunger in the next meal the dining, which means you stomach a good appetite. Before meals, soup or porridge together in advance to produce satiety and help prevent overeating. People often obese figure appetite, hyperactivity, eating and drinking, this is because fat cells can secrete appetizing substances, fine food but also to stimulate appetite, eat more greedy, the more support the greater the volume of the stomach, difficult to form a full abdominal flu, eat more and a vicious cycle. Chinese medicine is "stomach-volt fire extinction Valley Bulimia" one said, also believes that the appetite is good is sick. Eat eight full principle should be to their own situation-based and flexible. Some nutritional deficiencies in patients with advanced cancer cachexia, hypoproteinemia and other nutritional obviously insufficient, and not advocate must eat eight full.

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