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We all know that high-fat diet can cause obesity, cardiovascular disease. But the latest study found that high-fat diet also affect the kidney.

After the study found that high-fat diet will not only increase the nephropathy in patients with existing kidney damage, but also lead to a healthy person's kidney damage.

4% cholesterol and 1% sodium cholate and high fat diet fed rats, 8 weeks significantly increased urinary protein, increased blood lipids, confirmed that high-fat diet can cause damage to healthy kidneys. The results suggest that fat diet cause kidney damage possible mechanisms: nitric oxide and react with the superoxide ion in the renal tissue to generate the cells of the kidney to the toxic effects of peroxynitrite, resulting in apoptosis . Nitric oxide increased clearance, and proteinuria of nitric oxide synthase expression and nitric oxide increase may lead to glomerulosclerosis and tubular interstitial renal damage via apoptosis.

Therefore, any patients with renal damage, hyperlipidemia appears to be lipid-lowering therapy, but also to the control diet, dietary adjustments according to renal damage. Patients with kidney disease should try to use light diet Eat less high-fat diet has a protective effect on renal damage.

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