Business is business. Food, nutrition and health are related to each individual event, no matter what professional, you learn what kind of job. However, it is well known that under the planned economy before the reform and opening up, we have a very long time there is no good solution to this problem, the food and non-staple food of quantitative supply can not meet the psychological demands of the people, not even to meet people's physical requirements. Theoretical knowledge of the Food and Nutrition merely literally. 30 years of reform and opening up, people's living standards to improve food and clothing to improve Engel, the coefficient of the overall trend is declining, and some even already well-off. Present, apart from a few economically backward areas still exist nutritional shortage, as well as world food prices since 2007 lead to rising CPI (consumer price index), making the low-income groups are affected within a certain time, in most major metropolitan areas or affluent areas, nutritional excess or imbalance-related chronic diseases is increasing. The findings of the Chinese Nutrition Society, pointed out that China and nutrition-related chronic diseases, as year by year upward trend, and age of onset of gradual decrease. Therefore, universal access to basic knowledge of food nutrition, of great significance to understand the relationship between food and disease, reasonable diet and health links.
Nutrition trends, and economic development, the same times. Current in-depth study of nutrition has been in the past to determine the requirements and understand the role they are related to prevention of deficiency of certain nutrients through a balanced diet to prevent chronic diseases such as, go to the chemical composition of the diet and disease prevention in particular, certain chronic diseases new era, and understanding the function of some nutrients from the genetic level, and use of modern biotechnology to find new genes of nutrition-related, strengthen nutrition-related gene function studies and nutrition-related disease gene diagnosis, and the new resources of food, health food development.
On the other hand, the basis of the popularity of our public nutrition still lags behind. Therefore, let everyone understand the basic nutritional knowledge, a reasonable diet, start now to develop good eating habits, to achieve the purpose of a lifetime, at the same time as the messengers of the dissemination of nutritional knowledge, the benefit of the family and people around. Special emphasis is the same, similar or similar function in food, due to different sources, the degree of scarcity, the price will vary greatly, in proportion to the price of food is not contained in its nutrition. So, not rich people, choose foods should meet their nutritional needs as a starting point.

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