foods for digestive health
Digestive system, including the two parts of the digestive tract (mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus) and digestive gland (salivary glands, gastric, intestinal glands, pancreas and liver). Digestive tract by the mucosa and smooth muscle. Digestive wall muscle contraction and relaxation, and the formation of digestive tract motility, and forward to eat the food, one by one, the digestive organs, digestion and absorption, the remaining food residues into the stool from anus discharge . Digestive gland to secrete a variety of digestive juice digestive juice contains digestive enzymes, can promote the digestion of food decomposition, in order to facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Visible, digestive function is receiving digest food, absorb nutrients. To ensure the growth and activities of the body's needs, and excreted in the residue. Obviously, the digestive system is related to human life and health systems. TCM summed up this system into the "stomach" called "the day after tomorrow".

The human digestive system developed earlier. About four weeks of the embryo when the stomach has occurred. The intestinal tract has been formed, the liver and pancreas has been taking shape, when the embryo 12 weeks, basically more complete, and gastrointestinal glands already have to 16 weeks. After birth, the digestive system will need to bear the digestion and absorption of the task, the newborn baby's natural sucking instinct, born six months after the love to chew, to full 1 year old on the digestion of a variety of oils and fats to a child when the digestion absorptive capacity of puberty, the digestive system development faster, increasing the capacity of the gastrointestinal, general stomach of young people can accommodate up to one ton l food, the digestive gland secretion of digestive juices is more and more to meet human growth and development needs of the nutrients a growing need.

In order to ensure the normal development of the digestive system, to maintain its good features, young people should note the following:

First, to avoid overeating. Because the stomach is to have a certain capacity, overeating stomach stuffed full, than its normal capacity, not only can not digest, affect gastrointestinal function, and gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, food intake must be appropriate and should be the law, that is, regular quantitative.

Second, avoid eating the food and drug gastrointestinal irritation. Such as spirits, tea and spicy, overheating, or too cold food, try to eat. Some drugs such as aspirin, phenylbutazone and other Greater stimulation of the stomach must be applied after meals. Because these foods and drugs can damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, it is likely to cause inflammation, leading to gastrointestinal disease.

Third, pay attention to food hygiene. Eat into the contaminated food will have on gastrointestinal and systemic causing serious harm, prone to bacterial food poisoning, gastro-intestinal infections and intestinal parasites. Therefore, it should do the dirty food to eat, cooked food must be fully cooked fried. Eat salad and fruit must be washed or disinfected must wash hands before meals and after.

Fourth, to maintain an optimistic mood, mental state can affect gastrointestinal function. Mental depression, mood depression can cause gastrointestinal disorders, happy, optimistic mood enable normal gastrointestinal function, enhanced ability to digest.

Fifth, pay attention to exercise. Appropriate sport and physical labor, can improve gastrointestinal blood circulation, enhance gastrointestinal function, digestion and absorption of food.

Sixth, pay attention to protect the teeth. The teeth can chew food, teeth good or bad for the digestion and absorption of food a great influence, bad teeth, chewing food is inadequate, will inevitably increase the burden of gastrointestinal. Therefore, we should pay attention to oral hygiene, develop a mouthwash after meals, morning and evening brushing habits. In addition, young people in the age of 25 teeth and not calcified, met excellent easy to break, should be taken to avoid tooth injury. Should also ask the doctor to check on a regular basis, timely detection and treatment of dental caries.

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