foods for liver health first understanding liver function and liver diseases, structure and role of liver metabolism, detoxification, and secretion of bile in the human body "chemical plant" the reason of the liver disease, and type of virus causes hepatitis develop into liver cirrhosis and liver viral infection 70% of hepatitis C virus infection caused by alcohol drinking heavily susceptible to liver disease, NASH obesity is the cause, easily lead to fatty liver, and to control the three food hepatitis prevention and improve the symptoms re-examine the five kinds of habits symptoms, timely medical treatment to ask the doctor! Simple Q & A Q medication sometimes lead to liver dysfunction? A medication. Do not take drugs other than a doctor's prescription.
The second chapter to understand the health experience of liver inspection and numerical annual inspection time the liver blood tests to understand the inspection items and the numbers indicate the significance of urine and other tests to check liver cell injury diagnostic imaging shooting liver imaging will help detect and diagnose disease laparoscopy and liver direct examination of the biopsy organizations, to make a final judgment
Chapter III of the correct diet of life, improve the nutritional balance of the liver function do not eclipse, the amount of intake of various nutrients and ingredients diet basis of three meals a day to be the law of energy for the necessary amount of weight change to determine protein daily intake of animal and vegetable protein 60 ~ 80g of lipid per day 40g is appropriate, not consuming too much! Reduce salt use kelp soup diluted soy sauce, salt vitamins, minerals, antioxidants do not picky eaters to eat vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, dietary fiber is the enemy of liver disease, in order to prevent constipation is also positive intake of select ingredients using seasonal ingredients homemade dishes ask the doctor! Simple Questions Q & A Q caused by the burden of the liver of food? A pay special attention to food additives and pesticide residues. Alcohol and tobacco temperance Smoking, alcohol and tobacco poison on the liver have to ask the doctor! Simple Questions Q & A Q no appetite, and how do we go? A Do not worry, think of ways to stimulate the appetite. Dietary precautions to deal with complications diet
Chapter made a healthy diet to enhance liver function is satisfied soybean paste miso can inhibit elevated GOT, GPT value! Bean sprouts rich in vitamins and protein to improve liver function clam soup broth in a variety of ingredients to improve the deposition of abnormal liver function vinegar honey pickled wolfberry amino acids can prevent fat in the liver aloe vera powder, Aloe vera sauce is expected to treat hepatitis, on the table every day should have aloe chicken soup for a hangover instantaneous results, chicken soup is the treasure house of medicinal components of brown rice seaweed soup to strengthen liver function, prevent fat accumulation tea bonito dried bonito shavings + butter + tea triple effect Liver and prunes in red wine prunes citric acid can eliminate the sour black beans improve the essence of alcohol harm, promote blood flow to cook watermelon juice citrulline to eliminate toxins so that the body restore healthy carrot skin tea three times a day, together with skin drink, improve the liver function sweet potato juice to eliminate constipation, improve liver function. The plum vinegar drink activation of liver function, to prevent the cabbage, the hangover vinegar mixed with vinegar mixed with cabbage juice SAA can improve liver function basil juice suppress an overactive immune response, ease hepatitis sesame the natto repel liver reactive oxygen species, and the prevention of fatty liver
Chapter point stimulation to stimulate acupuncture points and do the movements to improve the function of the liver to stimulate the palm region of the red spots to circle rubbing the palm of your hand three minutes a day, rubbing the palm of the hand to turn the wrist movement press the point rotation wrist, so that the normalization of liver function arm gymnastics 20 to 40 times in one day, arm repulsed turn the ear of fatty liver by stimulating the hub of the body - ears, improve liver function, stimulate the detoxification function of back points to eliminate the stiffness of the liver on the back, relieve fatigue konjac temperature and humidity cloth to stimulate the stomach and back, activated stimulate the compressions of the abdominal acupuncture points when drinking to prevent hangovers and drunk unwell to turn your thumb toe to optimize systemic blood circulation, improve liver function heel points to stimulate the daily press, liver and other organs will become a healthy twist gymnastics 20 minutes a day to restore the ailing liver function to walk the circle moderate exercise to promote blood circulation, easy activation of the metabolism, burning liver fat raise the legs to take a nap lifting a leg to eliminate the pressure half-bath, and more blood into the liver
Chapter VI of the Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine and health foods to improve liver function Wulingsan diuretic cirrhosis effective Chinese Bupleurum Gui Zhi Tang moderate physical hepatitis Guizhifuling pill easily cured refractory chronic hepatitis drug the TCM Buzhongyiqitang to eliminate due to hepatitis caused by tiredness, restore the debilitating physical traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine taken before drinking, to prevent hangover health food artichoke concentrated essence to promote fat metabolism, strengthen the liver function health food fucoidan mucus composition of plastic seaweed can improve liver function and health food fermented turmeric antioxidant to improve the prevention of fatty liver, effective health food mushroom mycelium extract helps improve immunity, prevention of cirrhosis and liver cancer health food lactoferrin no side effects, and prevention of hepatitis C virus infection of healthy food Streptococcus faecalis to improve the intestinal immune system, improve liver function and health food fermentation pseudo-ginseng and mushrooms mycelium essence multiplying effect to strengthen the liver, improve the immune system to ask about the doctor! Simple question Q & A Q is suffering from liver disease can not play sports? A does not, moderate exercise relieves stress. Chapter VII of the re-look at the relationship with the wine, and understanding of the appropriate comfort liver alcohol consumption to the liver caused by the amount of the burden of alcohol to prevent excessive drinking the ① mixed drink easy to lead to excessive drinking to prevent excessive drinking ② drinking must eat dishes recommended snacks 1 to select high protein, high vitamin dishes, snacks recommended snacks ② eggs for snacks under the food and wine ③ soybean help decomposition alcohol recommended to prevent hangover, prevent cirrhosis of the liver to eat less food and wine do not Note ① medication drinking wine precautions are dangerous drinking (2) sober for more harm than good, "to eliminate a hangover drink sweating, eating can eliminate eat snacks rich in fats, alcohol the hangover recommend you appear the morning of hangover food Hugan dishes

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