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Recipe: South apricot lung soup
Ingredients: Almonds have two kinds of sweet almond South apricot and bitter almond (bitter apricot kernels). South apricot apricot seeds a kind of sweet, flat, non-toxic. Containing amygdalin, fat oil, sugar, protein, resin, lentils glycosides and almond oil, etc., is a matter of nourishment palliative lungs and cough. Because the fatty oil is rich (about 50%), moistening the power is good.
Lung, and sweet, flat, can cure lung deficiency, cough, hemoptysis, the function of lungs.
Practice: a lung flush repeatedly washed. Lung will be cut into flakes, hand squeeze, and wash away the foam in the lung in the airway. (Note that the choice of South apricot re-election 15-20 Kernan apricot, not bitter apricot kernels) together into the cooker, plus kettles cook, seasoning can be.
Function: can be used for hot and dry cough caused by the generally dry winter climate. Autumn and winter season, the lung does not open, dry cough without phlegm, dry guitar stool, dry throat, and so have a certain effect.
Recipe 2: Radix odoratum Laoya
Raw materials: Radix, generally refers to littoralis, of sweet, slightly cold, into the lungs, the stomach meridian. Containing alkaloids, starch, Adenophora factors. Can Ziyin qingfei, Yang Wei Sheng Jin, and in addition to Hot, treatment of dry cough.
Odoratum, and sweet, slightly cold, into the lungs, the stomach meridian. The Polygonatum quality Run liquid containing lily of the valley bitter glucoside, lily of the valley glycosides, kaempferol glycosides, quercetin glycosides, vitamin A, starch and phlegmatic, etc.. Can nourishing yin and moistening, laxative.
Duck, and sweet, warm, non-toxic, Rupi, stomach, lung, kidney through. The function of nourishing yin and blood.
Practices: selection of a duck (Note, will surely opt for the duck), the hair is dirty, wash. Adenophora and Polygonatum 30-50 g, and then selected into the tile with the pot, simmer and cook for 1 hour or more seasoning.
Function: to treat Dryness, dry cough, on the weak after the illness, Tianjin loss of intestinal dry constipation caused etc.. Or a very nutritious recipes.
Recipe: lotus lily pot lean
Raw materials: Lily, sweet and slightly bitter, flat. Into the heart, lung. Containing colchicine and other alkaloids and starch, protein, fat, a variety of vitamins and so on. Lungs and cough, clearing away heat and pure heart and soothe the nerves, Qi stressed, middle-efficacy.
Lotus seeds, "Materia Medica" it has a main fill in the rest Qi Li. "Compendium of Materia Medica" lotus "cross heart and kidney, gastrointestinal thick, solid refined gas, strong confinement, complement deficiency and benefit the eyes and ears, with the exception of alpine" and other functions.
Pork, Chinese medicine believes that the main part of the pig beneficial effect. Pig meat is rich in animal protein, with coordination with lily and lotus seeds can produce better results.
Practice: the selection of pig meat half a catty, then add 30 grams of lotus seeds and lily and the amount of water, cooked stew seasoning can be. (Special mention: the stew for the meaning of the container to the bowl of food on the lid, and steam in the steamer inside.)
Function: The lotus lily pot lean meat is actually a mix of nutritious addition to moistening Nourishing, also can be treated neurasthenia, heart palpitations, insomnia, etc., can be used as the sick and frail nourish strong tonic products. All in all, a eat bad Liang dishes.
In addition, you can choose to use the lotus seeds and lily 60-100 grams, plus the amount of sugar and water, burning sugar to drink not only tastes sweet and delicious, and high nutritional value, and the same with the above-mentioned efficacy.
Recipe: Tremella Soup
Raw materials: white fungus, also known as white fungus, white fungus. Tremella of sweet light, flat, into the lungs, the stomach meridian. Containing protein, fat, carbohydrates, crude fiber, and inorganic salts.
Function of nourishing yin, lungs, stomach, fluid. Rock sugar, and sweet, flat, Rupi, lung. Bu Zhong Yi Qi, and stomach and lungs, stop coughing, of spit.
Practice: selected Tremella 10 to 12 grams, the first flush several times, and then into the bowl, add cold water immersion (Tremella can). Soak for about 1 hour, Tremella swollen, and then go pick the debris. Then the fungus and the amount of crystal sugar into the bowl, then add the appropriate amount of cold water, then with the stew for 2-3 hours.
Functions: Ziyin lungs, the efficacy of thirst. Can be the treatment of autumn and winter season, dry cough, but also as those of weak constitution tonic products.

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