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Natural is best. This is the primary ideas of many people in life when choosing foods. When we have a variety of seemingly "unnecessary" food industry processing means more and more sensitive, more and more "natural foods" market. Into the supermarket "natural" and "green", "without adding", "organic" and other words everywhere, has become the highlight of people sought.

However, those close to the label of the food is really "natural"? How do we define "natural food", "organic food" and "Green Food"? These products are really such publicity as safe? The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides must be on food harmful to you?

---- Myth 1 ----

Natural food is the food does not contain any chemical elements

Expert response: natural food is certainly good, but some part of the natural product which may be on the human body adversely

The sole criterion for people to buy food for additives to worry about, the pursuit of the so-called natural. "Does not contain preservatives," "no additives" temporary food manufacturers use promotional language, however, natural food, there are many potential pitfalls to watch out for. In fact, in many countries, food control department did not identify the "natural" to do too many restrictions, and thus led to many businesses in order to hype products. For example, corn is a "natural", but its production of the finished product is "high fructose corn syrup. "Natural" means "high sugar" parcel, and often the price paid and the junk food and there is no difference. 

Food chemical analysis also found that many natural foods contain harmful substances. For example, the raw beans hemolytic substances toxins in the germination of potatoes, some fish contain amines may lead to poisoning substances, and so on. If these foods are not handled properly will be dangerous.

According to Xinhua reports, hospital quality food room in Nanjing Joe Ling said that food does not contain anti-oxidants such as potential oxidation reaction, resulting in harm to human health oxide material because it is not easy to detect, so the potential health is very damaging. Again, some of the food preservative, because they can not effectively inhibit microbial perishable in the preservation process. For example, many people like to drink some drinks known as natural, but a drink to finish a lot of people screw on the lid in the fridge, but a refrigerator temperature is often at 4 degrees Celsius, and can not guarantee that the bacteria do not breed over time out to drink, clearly there is a potential risk of illness.

Even "natural" foods may also be toxic and harmful. With the widespread use of modern society, pesticides, fertilizers, etc., in some areas of air and water and other natural environment has been polluted, and the natural growth of plants in the contaminated environment can be called "natural", but there is no guarantee of its pure, safety. As a result, the "natural" does not mean a green and healthy, to be alert to the misleading propaganda of the business "natural" food.

Wang Xichang, Dean of the Shanghai Ocean University College of Food, natural food of course, some part of the natural product which the body remove harmful substances through the food processing, so processing is needed, certain of these food resources rough handling or finishing processing to make it better meet the needs of people of quality, taste, texture.

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