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The formal definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1978 under the health / measure the health of the ten criteria: energetic, cope with daily life and work can be leisurely
An optimistic attitude of life, positive attitude, willing to take on the role, not picky;
2 good rest habits, sleep well;
(3) adaptability, able to adapt to environmental changes;
There is a certain resistance of the common cold and infectious diseases;
Weight appropriate, uniform body, in proportion to the various parts of the body;
Bright eyes, quick to react, not inflammation of the eyelids;
7 white teeth, no defect, no pain, gums normal, no tooth decay;
Eight. Smooth hair, no dandruff;
. Skin shiny, flexible, easy walking and vigorous.
10 toe active arch flexibility, muscle balance, feet and there is no pain, no hallux valgus.
Health is not merely the absence of disease or illness, but a physical, mental and social complete good condition. Means that healthy people have a strong physique and upbeat state of mind, and its in which the social and natural environment to maintain a harmonious relationship and good psychological quality.

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