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In January, Zhuanglang County convened the meeting of the Health, work and food and drug supervision work. Cattle Weiwei, County Committee, the propaganda minister, presided over the meeting, Guo Zhenya, director of the County mate Yang Cisco Systems, vice magistrate Zhou Jizu, Vice Chairman of the County, attended the meeting.

Zhou Jizu pointed out that the general requirements of the 2012 county health work and food and drug supervision work is: to deepen the medical and health system and ensure that the people eating drug safety in order to implement the basic medical insurance system to promote the equalization of public health services, the full implementation of the basic drug system, improving the primary health care service system, improve emergency response capabilities as the focus, unwavering advance of medical and health system, and vigorously carry out the food and drug safety, and ensure the people's health and life safety, promote sound and rapid development of the county's economic and social.

Zhou Jizu stressed that food safety related to the vital interests of the masses, has been a hot issue of social concern. To strengthen the health infrastructure, improve the basic medical insurance system, the implementation of public hospitals, reform, and support the healthy development of Chinese medicine industry, constantly enhance the ability of public health services, and effectively strengthen medical ethics. The township, the unit should close coordination, collaboration, and effective protection of the masses food and drug safety. Special rectification in the market, improve the grass-roots management system and innovative regulatory vector for a breakthrough, make efforts to create a new situation in the work of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

Cattle Weiwei emphasized the important agenda to the member units of the township and the leading group should be health and food and drug regulatory work, and earnestly strengthen leadership, clear goals, focus, and assign responsibilities. Health Bureau to take the initiative to adapt to the new situation, in-depth investigations and studies, and to strengthen the management of various medical and health institutions to protect the health and safety of the masses. The township, the various departments and medical institutions should seriously study and formulate a practical work plan and milestones, step by step break down detailed objectives and tasks, by relying on the responsibility of the real work, real form at every level, layers of implementation a good work pattern, and jointly improve the health and food and drug supervision work to make new and greater contributions to promote county economic restructuring across the development, the development of social harmony and stability.

At the meeting, the County Health Department, Food and Drug Administration in 2012 working arrangements were made. The meeting commended the county health work, non-remunerated blood donation advanced collectives and individuals, named after the name of the county, township and village traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine rookie.

Township township, county health reform leadership team, County endemic diseases the leading group, county, non-remunerated blood donation to the leading group, County New Rural Cooperative Medical Management Committee, the County Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, the County Food Safety Commission and other members of the unit is responsible for the County Health Department all employees of the Food and Drug Administration, cadres at and above the counties as well as medical and health units department director, president of the township hospitals to participate in the meeting.

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