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The difference between health food and general food
National standards GB/T15901-1994 basic terms of the food industry 2.1 the definition of "general food" as "available for human consumption or consumption of substances, including processed foods, semi-finished products and unprocessed food, not including tobacco or only the substance of the drugs used. the CODEXSTAN1 of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC): 1985 "General Standard for Labelling of Prepackaged Foods" definition of the "food" is: "for human consumption, whether processed, semi-processed or processing of any substance, including drinks, chewing gum, and used in food manufacturing, modulation, or processing of any substance; but does not include cosmetics, tobacco or drug use only for the material. Although the definition of national and international standards of expression in different ways, but the meaning is the same, can be summed up: all substances for human consumption. GB16740-1997 "universal standard of health (functional) food 3.l health (functional) food is defined as:" health (functional) food is a food type, in common with the general food, can regulate the functioning of the human body suitable for specific food groups, but not to treat the disease. "
General food and health (functional) foods have in common are different.
In common:
Health (functional) food and food products in general can provide the essential nutrients necessary for human survival (food functions), have a specific color, smell, taste, shape and function (food).
(1) health (functional) foods contain a certain amount of effective ingredients (physiologically active substances), can regulate the function of the human body has a specific function (food functions); food products in general do not emphasize specific features (food function).
(2) health (functional) foods are generally specific range of food (specific groups), the specific range of edible food products in general.
Also contain physiologically active substances in food products in general, can not achieve the regulatory function of the concentration of low levels in the human body, can not realize the effectiveness of the role. Physiologically active substances in the health (functional) food extraction, separation, concentration (or add some physiologically active substances) of high purity, to play a role in the human body to achieve concentration, which has a food Three features.

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