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"Daily Economic News" during the two organizations, one hundred entrepreneurs offer words of two sessions "topics, from domestic healthcare companies and the leader of the Pitt students, chairman Zhao Yihong talked about in recent years, development of the healthcare industry, pointed out that our health-care food production companies with low technological content, lack of R & D investment and core brand "remains a constraint on the development of the health food industry and the construction of an orderly market. Therefore, in order to achieve the health food industry by developing specifications to standardize development, but also requires more effort.
First, you need to further improve and improve the laws and regulations continue to promote the introduction of the "health food supervision and management regulations, and improve the technical requirements of health food production, and further strengthen the scientific level of supervision of health food.
Secondly, we must strengthen the construction and market supervision of corporate self-regulation. On the one hand, the need for illegally added to prohibited items, exaggerated publicity hurt the consumer health industry, "Li Gui" step up our efforts, purify the environment of the development of the industry. The other hand, departure from the tradition of Chinese culture, concerned about the health industry, and cultivate the national brand point of view, a serious, pragmatic norms of corporate give help and support.
Finally, the need to further strengthen and improve the news media. The media should also be conducting public opinion at the same time to avoid "misreading false positives", so as not to harm the integrity of corporate and brand, which is not conducive to the healthy and orderly development of the health food industry. Zhao Yihong said, for "Pitt students advertising violations" of the news media in false positives, it does make enterprises expressed deep frustration; advertising violations, Pitt students in the listing prospectus has been done a complete disclosure, Pitt students play all ads have corresponding advertising approvals, and are within the validity period, consistent advertising content and approvals, no violations. Details are available from the official website of the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration inquiry.
However, Zhao Yihong believe that the regulatory authorities to effectively intervene, on the one hand, can regulate the development of the industry, and help enterprises to focus on brand building, on the other hand put up a good communication bridge between the media and corporate Pitt students strive for more quality products and excellent service and social returns.

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