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Promotions, discounts, gift ...... These are the "51" during mall supermarket food counter keywords. Although originally food consumption in the first half of the off-season, and the National Bureau of Statistics show that food and beverage consumption in the first quarter this year than the downturn in the overall. "51" holiday, however, is clearly an excitement that can stimulate the nerves of consumers in the economic downturn, businesses have to advance into the state, to gearing up for the "May Day" sales war.
Commercial enterprises joint warm-up market
For the Guangdong region of the wealth with the people ", people's consumption capacity should not be underestimated. Qingming small Golden Week earlier this month, only a wide one hundred, the friendship Teemall three department stores sales to reach 84 million yuan, an increase of more than 5% -10%, so that businesses unexpected. "May Day" golden week to three days, more consumers will be canceled long-distance travel, to bring hope to stimulate food consumption.
The reporter learned before the holiday to visit Guangzhou, several large supermarkets, the recent range of special offer in major supermarkets have expanded, and the special cycle to extend straight down to the price, buy one get one free first-class promotions mainly. The consumer benefits at the same time, businesses also expanded sales. Specific to the food, the current required not just oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, commonly used in foods have promotional discounts, including wine, beverages, dairy products, cold drinks and other snack foods; has always refused to even lower figure of imports food, have joined the Promotions army.
In the food sales area, the special information bar of the brightly colored, some supermarket food specials category 1/3 of the total number of commodities. Past food promotional often fall not much, but recently, the dairy as the representative of the urgent need to restore market confidence in the products have given none other space, such as Danone Picvue, Wang Zi milk products such as the decline even up to about 25%. Zhang Zhiming said that in order to boost consumption, and promoting circulation, the companies have reached alliance with the stores, "flat to sell or even loss selling." Such as the ex-factory price of 56 yuan a barrel of cooking oil in the stores, general manager of Guangzhou, Guangdong, Huang Food Co., Ltd. prices are basically up and down 56 yuan.
Insiders said that business people in different stages of introduction of low-profit special deals in order to stimulate consumption, both for the customer to save money, supermarkets have expanded sales can be described as a win-win strategy. In the current economic situation, the move is an important measure to expand domestic demand.
Dairy prices Heavy over 1 percent
See in the Wuyang New City China Resources Vanguard Supermarket dairy district a "flags" flying everywhere covered with the red promotional logo, the prime locations of the stores, the center of the field Erie, Mengniu, Weiwei, Hong House high in several Block milk to heap occupy. 500 g loading of the the Weiwei breakfast bean milk from 16.9 yuan fell to 14.9 yuan, the Weiwei soy milk (coconut flavor) 250ml x 6 boxes of each group of the original price 12.9 yuan to 11.3 yuan at current prices; Yili yogurt (strawberry flavor) 250ml x 6 boxes each group of the original price of 10.8 yuan, and the promotional price of 8.4 yuan; Mengniu Pure Milk 1 liter reduced from 6.6 yuan to 6.49 yuan, Mengniu Milk Deluxe 250ml x 12 boxes each retail price dropped to 45 yuan from 56 yuan ......
Peak store in Guangzhou, Carrefour member of the village, various types of dairy products also has started the "carnival" type of collective promotions. Yantang pure milk 250ml Special, bright health AB100 yogurt 150ml Special 2 yuan, Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt 250ml Special 1.2 yuan / box, Yili Mai Hong breakfast milk 250ml Special 2.2 yuan / box, Vitasoy flavor 250ml Specials 1.8 yuan, and so on. Large-scale promotion of dairy promotion since last year, continue to cause "fatigued", but the current round of more than 1% of amplitude or once again successfully impress consumers, full of people where I saw the dairy district, almost every shopping cart and ultimately into group of dairy products.
Snapped up special cooking oil crush
Place people really crush zone in the edible oil. Supermarket shopping guide lady told reporters, edible oil prices in the first few months in the drop, but many consumers to buy drums of cooking oil to one end of the quarter just finished, now is the need to buy new oil, "May Day" promotion from a week ago has become a timely rain. "See (edible oil) to a promotional price, to buy oil with looting, you see we are too busy to have kept to the warehouse to pick up the goods up fill planes, exhausted!"
Currently, Lu spent a crushing peanut oil 5 liters down from 107.8 yuan to 105.8 yuan, and comes with a bottle of 900ml Luhua sunflower oil. Guangdong, Huang peanut oil 5 liters dropped from 59.9 yuan to 51 yuan. Arowana's second-generation peanut cooking oil down from 59.8 yuan to 53.8 yuan, The arowana an squeeze peanut oil 5 liter original price of 72.9 yuan, the promotional price of 69.9 yuan, arowana corn germ oil 5 liters from 69.9 yuan dropped 66.9 yuan and the the arowana sunflower oil 5 liter dropped from 68.9 yuan to 64.9 yuan. Among them, the decline Blessed Blessings peanut 5 liters, the original price of 71.9 yuan down 7 yuan now for only 64.9 yuan. Arowana olive cooking oil 5 liter original price up to $ 118, now only 99.9 yuan, while a vial Plus 900ml. An excellent fertile native corn oil 5 liters fitted the original price of 74.8 yuan, the promotional price of 48.9 yuan, a decline champion.
Alcohol less promotion has been neglected
Compared with the bustling dairy, edible oil, alcoholic overall less for the implementation of the "May Day" promotion. Aspects of wine, the Great Wall Cabernet Dry Red Wine 750ml original price 52.8 yuan to 43.8 yuan at current prices; the Changyu preferred level solution Cabernet Dry Red Wine from 93 yuan to 88 yuan; recommended Moga selection of ice wines from 72 Yuan straight down to 47.6 yuan. Liquor side, the mass consumption of liquor only the original price of 46.8 yuan / bottle Anhui wine king of the promotion, is now priced at 41.8 yuan / bottle; while minority white wine gift boxes appear slight price adjustment promotion. Because rare promotional items, wine area, but so cold. However, careful or be able to find the "shoots" arrived to buy wine. Rice wine brand name Kuaijishan eight Chen Shaoxing Hua Diao wine promotions Special $ 58 buy one get one free. China Resources Snow Beer 500ml original price 3.9 yuan, the sales price of 2.9 yuan, the the Jinwei new fragrant color film six-tank group from 19.2 yuan to 15.8 yuan, down significantly.

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