health food delivery service
Four series of SUNRIDER (Beijing) Enterprises Co., Ltd. Sunrider stores mainly engaged in: Sunrider International, one of the world famous products. Health food and skin care and cosmetics, fitness products, collaborative food, etc. .
First, the basic healthy food:
Calli tea, nutritional package, Vang Pao grain toothpaste, gel, stevia extract, Vitamin C tablets, calcium tablets, xian ni manna.
Skin care and cosmetics series:
Cleansing cream, cleansing foam, balanced make-up water, deep moisturizing lotion, the Eleonora night cream, natural skin care cream, active mask, anti-aging wrinkle cream, activation of repair cream, youth renewable cream, super Cream, Super Cream Eleonora deep moisturizing lotion, warm skin cleansing scrub, warm skin Body grinding noise cream, foundation cream, the Eleonora liquid balsam, Eleonora skin care lotion, Dr. Chen skin care lotion, the Eleonora clean milk Eleonora Conditioner milk.
Third, the fitness products:
Dissolved drinks, physical dimension, welcomes the fiber prime fiber Kang-dimensional flavor base, Weiliduofu.
Synergistic food: Wei Li Bao concentrates, Tepei and again Yi iliac, sets TRS. Tel: 13521573885 Bei

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