health food franchise
Constantly improve and perfect the market economic system, the government functions of the society is the irresistible historical trend, the powers exercised by government departments have a significant part transferred to social organizations, including consumer organizations, industry associations. The exercise of the powers of industry associations and community organizations in this process is neither a public authority of the government, nor is it the private power of ordinary people, but a social right. The development and improvement of the social rights for the construction of harmonious society is significant. China Consumer Association, the China Health Care Association as the "buyer" and "seller" of the two Societies Organization, through social consultation, social dialogue, social partnership agreement and then organize the enterprises signed, stable social relations, to achieve a win-win situation, share the goal of social governance . I consider this not only for the consumers of health food is a boon for the construction and improvement of the social organizations should learn from.
In the initiative - for businesses to reduce legal risk and reduce moral hazard, but also reduces the market risk. Once baked, the false propaganda of the concept of speculation the injury is not just a business, but a large enterprise. Some propolis said this function, that function, and an inappropriate publicity to sell propolis companies are followed by bad luck. Market risk is often attached to the moral hazard, moral hazard is often attached to the mutual interaction of the legal risk, three risk mutual loop itself is the operating costs of enterprises. I do not know whether entrepreneurs consider the cost when taking into account the cost of these promises. In the initiative - help to reduce the cost of rights of consumers, as long as consumers carefully read the "health food consumption guidelines, as well as sub-guidelines, Sun Guidelines, the great-grandson of the guidelines.
How expensive in the initiative? The first three: First, the first in the legislation is the first in the government's law enforcement and the third is the first consumer complaints. Health food companies in supporting laws and regulations of the Food Security Act before the introduction of self-pressurized, the introduction of some higher social responsibility commitment than required by law, first in the Standing Committee, the first legislation to pre-empt more As early as the more active. Industry Association to provide guidance for future lawmakers, industry associations is a truly wise Association, a respected association, an association with forward-looking.

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