health food images
Health care products currently on the market can be divided into general health food, health, pharmaceuticals, health cosmetics, health products. Health food food nature, such as tea, wine, bee products, beverages, soups, juice, medicated, etc., with color, smell, shape, quality requirements, generally at doses required; health care drugs with nutrition, food nature of natural medicines, with treatment, dosage and requirements, such as the current batch of drugs with "health"; the nature of health-care cosmetics cosmetics, not only local small modification, and percutaneous absorption of topical within the efficiency role such as health perfume, cream paste, mouthwash, etc.; health products with the nature of the daily necessities, such as fitness, massage, magnetic water, health sachets, clothes and shoes, the carpet. Continuously enhance the awareness of all health care, the health food market is also an unprecedented popular. Hot market, a variety of products quality is uneven. Next, teach to how to choose the appropriate formal health food.

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