health food market
At present, the name of a number of health food and food on the domestic market under the banner of "anti-cancer, anti-cancer" to attract consumers.
"No, impossible, so-called anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine, tonic is a lie." Recently, in the face of many of the media, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Sun Yan gives the answer. Sun Yan, Chinese medicine can only improve the patient's immune function, and not a substitute for modern cancer drug. The tonic replace modern formal tumor drugs is impossible. "I am very love of Chinese medicine, but medicine is its nature and role, not just an alternative." Sun Yan explained that a variety of health care products, although there is a certain effect, also known as functional foods , but not "efficacy".
Deputy Secretary-General of the Nutrition Society of Guangdong Province, Professor Zhu Huilian said, in our health care function norms, there is no "anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, the Food and Nutrition Labeling specification, is also clear that" no marked disease prevention claimed ". In this regard, the outcry, the current confusion in the health food industry competition, a lot of features publicity are suspected of misleading the consumer, China's relevant departments should step up supervision of the health care industry, regulate the market.
"Cancer" health care is still in the sale of
While the state clearly defined health care products may not claim that the so-called therapeutic efficacy, the experts also pointed out that the "cancer" health care products do not fly, but the reporter found that some businesses still in the sale of so-called "cancer" the efficacy of health products.
Taitung a well-known pharmacy, spirulina tablets, when a reporter asked when there is no class of the cancer health care products, the sales staff immediately to reporters Tomson times and Qingdao, the local production of a "gold Kin Lai spirulina tablets. When reporters questioned the efficacy of this type of health care products, the eldest sister immediately told reporters that "the cancer of her loved ones, eating Tomson times spirulina tablets, the effect is very good, very effective". See the meaning of the reporters did not buy, and she immediately recommended Youxiang reporter "the Jinjian Lay spirulina tablets, and took out the gold Jian Lai Spirulina leaflet refers to reporters. Gold Jian Lai spirulina of color pages, the reporter saw the the Spirulina obtained numerous awards, including the United States National Institute recognized as an 'anti-cancer, anti-cancer' drug, "and other words.
In addition a well-known pharmacy in Taitung, the counter staff of health care products is also recommended to a reporter Wuhan production called "Jupiter more than multi-life liquid products. This product is priced at 1200 yuan, very clearly on the product packaging printed with cancer, and inhibition of tumor description. Staff told reporters: "There is a child with cancer is to use this drug, the effect is very good." Said come up with a "propaganda tabloid reporters to see. Throughout the magical effect of the "Jupiter life fluid" in the tabloid report, called "Jupiter Code Health.
Reporter visited several well-known pharmacies, have so-called "cancer" health care products for sale. In addition, except as Jupiter more than life fluid "special" cancer "health care, the staff usually will recommend the so-called" anti-cancer properties of the mass goods such as Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, did not forget to come up with relevant publicity materials to the consumer to see.

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