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After the exposure of the "problem capsule, Wuhan City, Food and Drug Administration quickly expand the inventory action. Yesterday, the council said that the capsule class of drugs, they also health food targeted spot checks, relevant results will be open to the public.
     Up to now, the council has 98 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, 28 pharmaceutical chain, and the 1390 drug retail business checks, yet found that media exposure, nine manufacturers can produce 13 batches of drugs.
     Council official said, Wuhan City, 17 capsules and gelatin pharmaceutical manufacturers by corporate self-examination, as of now, there is no the Xinchang Zhuokang capsule Co., Ltd. Xinchang Huaxing the capsules Factory production of medicinal hollow capsules, but the two companies Xinchang other manufacturers of medicinal hollow capsules, these empty capsules sample submission, waiting for the results.
     Taking into account the hollow capsules widely used for guaranteeing public safety, the council decided to expand the scope of the inventory.
     According to reports, Chinese Herbal Medicine to ground into a powder needs to be filled in the capsule and then taking some retail pharmacies also sell empty capsules. In view of this situation, the council also carry out the inventory of retail pharmacy sales in the city hollow capsules. In addition, some health food market, extensive use of capsules, the council has targeted spot checks on the health food, and start the chromium exceeded the detection work.

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