health food the recipes
Notice of the Ministry of Health on the management of the further specification of the health food ingredients, the book will "is both a food and drugs" 87 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine from the origin, sexual taste, function to modern pharmacological research and application of population are discussed in detail and accompanied by wonderful pictures; highlights the efficacy of health, health care, rehabilitation, medicated formula, the book as a starting point to focus on practical, various medicated choice of materials specification, cooking production is simple, both engaged in this industry diet division (with disabilities), health rehabilitation workers, catering staff, reference reading, but also ordinary people, families daily conditioning diet, science mentor with a meal. This book describes the 87 kinds of specification by the State Ministry of Health certification as both food and drugs "traditional Chinese medicine, by source, origin, and collection of sexual taste, function, composition, indication, dosage, for the crowd, cautions, modern research and applications are introduced, and with a fine color pictures of 91. Each herbs Featured Diet recipes 2-5, from the formulation, production, analytical aspects on each channel of medicated cooking methods and consumption of efficacy. Easy to learn, easy selection. Applies to both the Diet division (disabilities), health rehabilitation workers, nutrition and catering staff, but also for ordinary family three meals a day diet conditioning, science, catering, health care.

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