health food restaurants
The origins stream of Chinese restaurant industry long, profound, animals, objects treasure the essence of all present. The history of two thousand years spawned major cuisine brilliant: Sichuan spicy delicious, Hunan simple heavy fine and elegant, Huai Yang, Dongbei a strong local flavor, vigorous fresh Cantonese seafood Yan Abalone graceful and elegant, worthy of leading the catering showcase. The the Zhongshan catering birth of a number of famous restaurant, and nurtured countless Cantonese chef, made ​​a great contribution for the Chinese catering industry.
But looking, simple and McDonald's, KFC, winning organic food and beverage customer has been marketed around the world, sales of billions of dollars. Why varieties, workmanship, taste wins the hundredfold lunch difficult to do the masterpiece strong. The management of the modernization process of commercialization is probably one of the reasons, safety, health and it suffered a pro-gaze. The current food safety issues has become increasingly prominent, beef injection, malachite green perch, turbot, Sudan Red duck, pesticides, vegetables, poisonous rice, etc., making it more and more uneasy at the dinner table. This case, to establish new healthy dining concept, and promote scientific and reasonable healthy diet has become the current food and beverage industry, future trends, Zhongshan catering business has been actively pursuing and exploring new ideas of healthy food, "eating healthy" has become the Zhongshan fad diet, organic food and raw materials for its organic food and beverage will be a wonderful work of the catering industry!

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