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Yesterday, we held a press briefing from the Municipal Food and Drug Administration was informed that from today, the Food and Drug Administration of a comprehensive investigation of the city's nearly 30,000 health food stores, it is recommended that the city health food companies take the initiative to declare the operating conditions of the audit. Please the bosses of the business of health food body center point, the initiative to declare Please Food and Drug Administration department to look it up, so we are assured!

    Health food stores, the public can check the internet

    Recently started to vigorously straighten the health food market, many pharmacies, stores, regarded these products off the shelf, This indicates that business is still a little doubt. "Director of Municipal Food and Drug Administration food license Zhoucheng Wen said the current laws and regulations and not specifically for the health food industry, the city's Food and Drug Administration decided to first city the size of pharmacies, supermarkets and individual shops, a total of more than 30,000 health food business units dragnet investigation. Focus on examination of these: health food, ordinary food posing as drugs, selling illegal to add the "One", "fraudulent use of the approval number" of counterfeit health food violations, as well as prone to add behavior to lose weight, assisted hypoglycemic , anti-fatigue, improve sleep, and other products.

    At the same time, today the business of health food companies can take the initiative to the Food and Drug department to declare. Zhou Chengwen, health food, due to the sale of part of the entry threshold is very low, leading to chaos in the market. Audit investigation on the basic operating conditions of the health food companies, food and medicine departments will those who pass the health food business conditions issued notice of an audit opinion, and online publicity.

    Immediate supervision of such people to purchase health food can be used as a reference. "Zhoucheng Wen said that the publicity will indicate the specific location of the qualified stores, qualified enterprises will receive the regular inspection of the area Food and Drug Administration Branch, the public found the publicity unit in violation of applicable Report.

    307 kinds of essential drugs fitted with electronic identity cards

    Yesterday, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration spokesman Ma Lin revealed that at present the city's 29 drug manufacturers and 434 drug enterprises have been fully integrated into the electronic supervision network.

    "If the public to buy 307 kinds of essential drugs, counterfeit or substandard drugs, scanning an 'id' can be traced," said Marlene, once informed that a batch of drug quality problems, you can immediately query to which the pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises or retail pharmacies purchased to prevent problem drug sold to the public.

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