health food the store las vegas

● The main contents
To eat, to survive, is a source of joy, it is a the key determinants of health. We enjoy the food, not only enable us to the spirit of good, feel good and should also provide the body needs nutrients, reduce the risk of disease, as well as strengthen the resistance and resilience. This is the book the advertised enjoy healthy food, "meaning, let us use the basic understanding of human nutrition, design a personal diet plan healthy and delicious.

A healthy diet is a healthy life, the book provides essential information to lay the foundation to health: basic concepts about nutrition (including the three major nutrients and micronutrients), the influence of the diet culture, popular diet, both positive and negative evaluation, weight loss and the correlation of the diet, how to read food labels at home cooking or going out to dine Code of Practice, and common diseases, dietary guidance.

In today's risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, the ratio of mid-rise, changing eating patterns is an important strategy of the modern management of the disease and regain health. Nutritional knowledge of the layman's introduction, ten true of someone who has experience, so used to eating refined, processed foods, modern, new understanding of the natural food nutrition and delicious, and then enjoy the cuisine of the moment, but also to get that health benefits .

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