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1, the WTO recently released survey results show that organic and green food market forecasts are more optimistic, with excellent prospects for development. Expected in the next few years, organic and green food sales accounted for 10% of world gross food sales value. The quality of agricultural and food products have become increasingly demanding, especially the free food, green food requirements.
2, the global organic food market is growing at an average annual 20-30% growth rate is expected to reach $ 100 billion in 2012. China's organic food in the international market there is huge room for development. At the same time, the international market demand for organic, green products is also growing. Organic food will enter the mainstream sales channels, while the major consumer groups is the pursuit of high quality and healthy food.
3, a number of large food companies such as McDonald's, Nestle, have already entered the organic field. Organic agriculture worldwide is growing, organic food will be more and more appear in stores around the world and on the table, plays an increasingly important role in the entire food production.

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