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Cosmetics for many women, it is as indispensable as food and clothing. However, the use of cosmetics whitening, freckle and sisters to be careful, cosmetics, heavy metals exceeded became the "invisible killer".

Recently, Dongguan City, Green Pearl River Environmental Protection Promotion Center 10 environmental non-governmental organizations collected in 10 cities and online store whitening, freckle cosmetics were tested, and found that 23% mercury levels exceeded the national standard limit, and some exceed three four times. There are arsenic, lead exceeded. Dongguan purchase products on the "black list".

Long-term exposure to heavy metals exceeded the cosmetics can cause renal damage, causing cancer and other diseases, and may even affect the next generation. The beauty it would harm the body, I believe to see the sisters in this news will be a cold sweat.

Although this detection is to focus only on the whitening supplies, and other cosmetics whether similar situation also exists?

The report also pointed out that the inside of the more than 40 brands, the problem mostly is a small brand, famous brand, and buy in regular stores, but also can be reassuring. Testing found that in some street shops, Taobao shop to buy the product, the mercury content is particularly high. Having said that, in the regular malls, buy big brands, to prevent to have a "beautiful mistake"?

We certainly hope so. However, a few years ago, the Guangdong Province and Shanghai, to identify the famous brand SK-II cosmetics contain heavy metals such as chromium and neodymium, Clinique, Lancome, Dior, Estee Lauder and other famous foreign brand cosmetics are also involved in quality storm, the testing organization detected the six kinds of powder containing chromium, neodymium, and other prohibited substances. The problems of the producers themselves, and sales channels of the class does not matter.

Visible product quality, should be from the roots. Do not blame us too sensitive to people who want to get too bad, just all these years, with the pit of our brand, and even supermarkets, but also not less.

Let the products do not pit the father, nor the pit mother, the only way is to start from the source. Cosmetics factory, there is no effective supervision? Accountable system? Penalties to be imposed? Last year, the State Food and Drug Administration set up a health food and cosmetics of the expert committee specifically for cosmetic management, got rid of health care products and cosmetics market. However, in the relevant laws and regulations to deal with provisions, there are still a lot of lag.

For example, the current one "cosmetics hygiene supervision Ordinance enacted in 1989, 1990. This "after 1980" provides how to say keep up with the status quo of development of cosmetics. Some commentators have pointed out that it does not have specific instructions and the corresponding penalties violations of homemade cosmetics. Standards, there are also some drawbacks. SK-II event in previous years, although the products containing banned substances chromium and neodymium, but they are actually not in China's cosmetics must detect the target range. This embarrassment, will appear in other areas? We do not know. Such as the establishment of a sound system of supervision and other issues, from national to local is already commonplace. We look forward to the face of the female compatriots, and will not be hit because of the omission of the regulatory mechanism. But think and eat something of the mouth, the drug treatment, even for so many questions, the beauty of the heart of our female compatriots, will not a little luxury it?

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