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Sansei share with the world a harmonious life
        Sansei health industry (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, engaged in the healthy living industry. Company to become the most respected international companies, to "provide quality and healthy lifestyle products, to create the world's best business platform to help people get healthy, happy, successful and harmonious life" for the mission, the high quality of healthy life health products and professional services for the global family of natural life force, marketing staff to create the best business platform, to share with the world a harmonious life.
Quality products, a healthy life force
        Lead and advocate the creation of healthy family life, the Sansei practice connection between man and nature life around the family life of the product planning, and continue to provide consumers covered by clothing, food, shelter, line quality and healthy lifestyle products, and advocate natural and healthy lifestyle, healthy living for people power.
After years of painstaking research and development, the company has registered 280 trademarks and 30 patents to the State Food and Drug Administration to declare the success of the 31 kinds of health functional foods. Product technical resources include healthy living food, personal care, home health supplies, cosmetics, small kitchen a few series.
        The Sansei not only has a wealth of products, and committed to the pursuit of excellence. The company not only the construction of Ningbo's first health food GMP production base, and through the British Standards Institution (BSI) ISO9001 quality management system certification. The total investment of one billion Hong Kong dollars in the Sansei global production and R & D base - Sansei Health Industrial Park building will meet the company's annual sales performance development needs of 18 billion yuan, the company has a greater capacity and higher standards of GMP production base The steady flow of safe, healthy, superior quality products to consumers around the world.
Harmonious culture, promote family life force
        "Sansei" survival, life, life, is representing the people on the basis of survival - good health, quality of life - a happy family, the value of life - the pursuit of a successful business. This is everyone wants to have life, and whose son is also advocated by the culture and harmonious life.
To this end, the juniors focus on providing excellent quality products, so the whole family to share healthy living for every family; by providing business opportunity to pass a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, to help marketing partners to create richer, more quality of life for their families , and has more time with his family to share the warmth of affection, so that the family is full of dreams and vitality.
The best platform to create a cause of life force
        The Sansei company committed to building the world's best business platform for marketing partners to provide comprehensive career support to create the cause of life force. Under the guidance of the core values ​​of respect and trust, and sustainable innovation, value sharing, we achieve our individual dreams and values, but also the common achievements of one of the most respected international companies.
        The Sansei using triple-play innovation marketing model in China has 31 provincial branches, and opened in 2009, the international development process. Around the health of the industrial core of life, the company has also initiated the planning and construction of a the Sansei global operations center, Sansei yacht club, the Sansei international name winery, Sansei business hotel chains, to Sansei organic food base, Sansei park health testing center multiple large-scale projects are creating a global, multi-industry cluster of Sansei healthy living industry cluster, so that the the Sansei best career platform is broader, but also to achieve harmonious and sustainable development of enterprises and society, nature .
        To obtain the steady and rapid growth, the company hand in all Sansei people to actively involved in social welfare undertakings, and the community to share the value. So far, the Sansei cumulative contributions of money and materials to over 2000 million, and this has driven nearly 100,000 people to participate in various social welfare activities; initiated the establishment of the first district-level carbon sequestration special fund - the China Green Carbon Fund Yinzhou special; Sansei "Love 11" fund set up under the guidance of the China Charity Federation, concerned about the healthy development of children; the establishment of Ningbo, the first charitable volunteer organizations - whose son volunteers to organizations ... the juniors continue to win social action respect and reputation, with more people sharing healthy, happy, harmonious life.

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