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"2012 Eighth China International Nutrition Health Industry (Shanghai) Expo is sponsored by the Council for the Promotion of Nutrition and Health in Asia, Asian Economic and Trade Development Center, China International Trade Promotion Association, the International Green Industry Association, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China approved by the health The industry's most prestigious management and operation of most norms of international fairs. The event has more than 1,200 exhibiting companies from 36 countries and 32 provinces and regions. The exhibitors cover the health food, nutrition, food, functional food, leisure and health products, health drinks, slimming and beauty products, medicinal cosmetics, health, raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, health medicine, health supplies. To attract buyers, agents, distributors of more than 40,000, show a total exhibition area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters. Exhibition platform has been established to cover all over the world, to show specialization, internationalization, the extent of the brand in the majority of exhibitors at home and abroad, the strong support of professional visitors, has become Asia's largest industry-recognized, the effect is best , the most popular industry professional event; ★ who participate in CHEC's customers may participate in the awards event, the award of the General Assembly set the "Gold", "Top Ten Brands Award;" specified product "award," Technology Innovation "award; (For details, please obtained from the Organizing Committee) ★ Scope of Exhibits 1, nutrition and health products: health, nourishment, nutrients, baby food, baby health care products, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, functional products, high-end drinking water, pollen products , bee products, ginseng products, fish oil products, the enzyme products, green algae products, germ products, the product of chlorophyll, aloe vera products, mushroom products, plant extracts, high-end imports of nutritional food. 2, health care products: health food, natural products, strengthening the immune system products, anti-old products, cardiovascular disease prevention, anti-cancer products, protect the liver kidney, marine biological products, and less weight gain health care products, amino acids, blood tonic , fatty acids, dietary fiber, DHA / EPA and products, new resources of food, etc.;, health drinks: the health of organic dairy, wine, health tea, health drinks, coffee drinks, functional water, and related organic drinks, etc.; health supplies: natural health products; health physical therapy supplies, rehabilitation equipment, sleep, functional products, foot products, magnetic therapy products. 5, beauty and fitness: functional beauty and fitness products, beauty products, natural beauty products, weight loss slimming chain, health, health clubs, beauty cosmetics, daily necessities;, sugar-free foods: special diet products, low-sugar drinks, milk powder, cereals, grains and cereals products, diabetes, health food products. 7 therapeutic Diet products: therapeutic herbs, raw materials and related equipment, Chinese herbal medicine (see / Velvet / Chinese caterpillar fungus), Chinese Herbal Medicine, the ethnic characteristics of drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, pharmaceutical raw materials and extracts. Eight, Baojian Pin Baozhuang: Yiyaobaojian Shengchanshebei Baozhuangshebei Penmashebei, Yiyaobaozhuang Cailiao etc.

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