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California, USA Los Angeles City Council passed a bill on the 29th, the opening of more fast food shops in the south of the city area is prohibited within one year.

Los Angeles council wants to use this initiative to provide the public with more dietary choices, and encourage people to say goodbye to unhealthy food.

The fast food chain suppliers are treated unfairly, intends to start legal proceedings to overturn the bill.

Forbidden to open new stores

Los Angeles City Council members voted unanimously the same day by banning new fast-food restaurants bill. The Associated Press said a similar bill in the first large U.S. cities.

Under the bill, in the south of Los Angeles area about 83 square kilometers area, at least not allowed within one year of the newly opened fast food shops.

The Act applies to the region, including West Asia Adams and Baldwin Hills community, the total population of nearly 500,000, is relatively poor communities in Los Angeles as the second largest city of the United States, but also the residents of obesity more serious areas.

City of Los Angeles public health department statistics show that adults in the region 30% fat; in downtown Los Angeles city, 19.1 percent of adults are obese phenomenon; rich regions in the west, the proportion was 14.1% . In addition, the Community Health Committee report shows that 73% of restaurants in Los Angeles in the southern region of fast food. Western in Los Angeles, the proportion was 42%.

"The local community is extremely lack of quality food," said city councilman Bernard Parks.

Toward health

Low price is one of the important reason for the fast food welcomed by many people in relatively poor communities in the south of Los Angeles.

Resident Curtis English was often eat fast food, think they understand the high-calorie fast food and high cholesterol, is not conducive to good health. However, since the unemployment since the fast food cheap and convenient became his choice for food.

English was on the 28th breakfast sausage pancake is sold by the McDonald's restaurant, lunch is a McDonald's double cheeseburger, priced at $ 2.39.

Kelly D. Brownell, director of Yale University Lad Food Policy and Obesity Center, said the price residents of poor communities to consider the more important factor, "not cheap healthy food, combined with the optional healthy food, obesity contribute to the public The situation might be able to be improved after the increase in health food.

Jane Perry, City Council, the City Council want more health food restaurants or grocery stores into the south of Los Angeles, increasing the dietary choices of the residents.

South of Los Angeles there are now four large grocery stores in western Los Angeles 13.

Parkes said that the bill take effect signed by the mayor, south of Los Angeles will begin large-scale investment, attracting the provision of health food restaurants and grocery stores. Such businesses will get land consulting, low-interest loans, tax incentives and other policy support.

Public Rebecca Torres pairs, the new bill passed by the welcome. As a mother of four children, Torres concerned about the health of children.

"The kids deserve better food," Torres said, "fast food does allow them to fat."

Merchant dissatisfaction

The fast food chain suppliers unfair bill on fast-food restaurants, fast food operators to increase healthy food on the menu, such as salads and low-fat accessories, as well as child packages containing milk and apple slices.

Where to eat is not important, eat what is important, "the CKE restaurant chain Andrew Pu Side, said," We are willing to cooperate with the city authorities, but they are obviously not interested. "

Andrew Ka Sana, a spokesman for the California Restaurant Association, said the association and its affiliated members will consider taking legal action against this bill.

Associated Press, said the fast-food restaurants in other cities also are subject to different constraints, fast-food chain suppliers and thus access to the courts many times, but most of them without a court support.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill on the 25th, all the restaurants use trans fats in California within the prohibited since 2010, so that the first large state in the United States to become the first state in the legislation to ban restaurant trans fats.

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