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Spicy foods popular with children welcome Henan Business Daily reporter Wang Chunsheng / photo

Around the school store food by the child sought stakeholders said that some small food not health permits, harmful to health

Henan Business Daily reporter Guoxi Cheng

Official told us, "and" love bomb "," lightning cool "Guardian Dragon" ... to hear these names, you know what? If the bar a schoolboy to ask, chances are, he will give you detailed answers. These are the name of a small snack, the little ones are always around the school to buy the food.

School began to fire around the shops

Yesterday was the second day of the Zhengzhou City, Mutual Road primary school. 14:00 mutual aid on the road full of students come to class. Dozens of shops on both sides of the school gate, the stalls are placed on the sidewalk, these are still being little guys packed.

Many bosses stood on the stool, condescending, both to see things, but also money. Some shops busy, hang out the recruitment of part-time advertising.

Pupils from the store is almost never empty-handed, the addition to the stationery, children buy most snacks. On the way, you can at any time to see children holding colorful bags from the bag to come up with something in his mouth.

The reporters found that most shops around the school are linked to the stationery store or bookstore signs, but store a prominent position are placed on a wide variety of food. Moreover, this phenomenon is widespread in Zhengzhou, around the Agricultural Road Primary School Reporters also found a similar scene.

"The official told us," and other small food touted

Road Primary School in five (3) Ban on Mutual Assistance in Qian Jia Xu told reporters that he "official told us," "Spicy silk" common students buy things are spicy foods, also called "lightning cool "Sugar, also very popular.

The reporters found that these small food without exception, there is a name very popular with children welcome. Agricultural Road Primary School, flea market, but also sell something called "love bomb" crystal sugar, from the name appeals to the imagination.

It is these names and colorful packaging to attract pupils to purchase. "In addition, these foods are sales price of fifty cents or $ 1, the low price they are selling the main reason." One teacher told reporters.

The reporter Internet search Qian Jia Xu mentioned "the official told us," This is the state's repeated demands investigation of the illegal food.

Zhongyuan District Urban Management Bureau yesterday afternoon, jointly Central Plains area of ​​Education and Sports Bureau has published more than 70,000 letters issued to the parents of the region's initiatives to schools and parents to educate their children not to buy the food and beverage sales of small business operators around the school, do not shops and mobile stalls in the street unlicensed dining.

According to the staff of the Central Plains District Urban Management Bureau, most of these foods are not health permits, and to contain illegal food additives and heavy metals, long-term consumption will affect the student's physical and intellectual development.

"We can only govern the behavior of the store Jeeves." The staff member said, "to do to eliminate the need to rely on other social forces and parental involvement."

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