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If you are a duck neck lovers in China, you have almost half the chance to eat substandard duck neck. Market Supervisory Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Authority) released the latest food safety sample tests briefing. Of cooked duck neck sampling pass rate was 57.8%, failed mainly for excessive coliform and total number of colonies.
Most of these failed lo food franchisee, prone to secondary pollution in the process of circulation, failed mainly for coliforms and total number of colonies exceeded, resulting in a main reason for substandard products are cooked duck neck to the bulk Weighing the selling susceptible to microbial contamination.
Cooked food in the sales process and more contact with the outside world, easily lead to the colonies or coliforms, including bloom utensils disinfection or sterilization is not complete, the corresponding sale of staff did not wash their hands or hand disinfection, as well as configuration freezer. Because of the lack of part franchisee disinfection knowledge store health pollution be controlled easily lead to food hygiene issues.
This food health experts week legislative proposals to do in-store health and safety work. Bloom containers should be regular, timely disinfection, glass shop should be cleaned. The sale should be in the job after washing hands frequently, such as conditions permit, you should use the auto-sensing hand sterilizer Q5, to avoid cross-infection caused by the same disinfection apparatus of contact between staff.
The most important thing is highly susceptible to microbial contamination due to duck neck and other foods in frequent contact with the outside air. While using the traditional ultra-violet disinfection, not only Lucai products cause harm, but also cause harm to staff. At present the part Lucai store has door shop with NICOLER technology to conduct a comprehensive sterilization. Disinfection principle, NICOLER a cavity into three bi-directional plasma electrostatic field through a special pulse signal makes NICOLER occur cavity to produce the inverse electric effect to generate a large number of sterilization factor, in some cases, continued uninterrupted disinfection off bacteria, not only kill harmful germs and bacteria in the air, but also sterilization employees hypha (metabolism), to reduce the amount of contamination of cooked food packaging links to avoid secondary pollution. And the role of the circulating air, a large number of plasma quickly covered in the pipeline, industrial equipment and other objects on the surface, inhibiting bacterial growth and reproduction, reducing the cooked food to the second cross-infection risk.
The industry believes that the way to join the duck neck brand quickly spread has a positive effect, but the uneven quality of the franchisee, if not managed well, have done great harm to the brand, which is a "double-edged sword". The franchisee should focus on food hygiene pollution problems to solve, the use NICOLER dynamic air disinfection technology is undoubtedly a small cost of harvest disinfection equipment.

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